Why do I worry so much? Here’s the answer!

Are you one of those always worrying and fretting over things in life and wondering “why do I worry so much?”Whether its a meeting in the office, call from customers,upcoming date,an exam,wedding,an interview,social gathering,performance review or a presentation or any such situation are you always feeling nervous and worrying about what all can go wrong? … [Read more…]

Thought Currency

The mind is everything. What you think you become. – Buddha The outer world is a mirror image of what is going on inside of us and what goes on inside of us is defined by what we think and how we feel. Thoughts and feelings are important to the manifestation process. Let us talk … [Read more…]

Consistency Of Effort

Few days back I read “The Compound Effect” by Darren Hardy. The book was a real eye opener. The book teaches about the importance of consistency and being persistence in any endeavor. If you take continuous take small steps in any direction eventually you will make it to the destination. The book describes how doing … [Read more…]

Law Of Attraction and Action

Many misinterpret that law of attraction to have nothing to do with action. They are under impression that by just doing visualization and affirmations sitting on the couch things will manifest out of thin air. Well as per my experience and those of millions in the world that scenario is a rarity. May be it … [Read more…]