5 Secrets To The Law Of Attraction

The Law Of Attraction states that like attracts like.Whatever we feel inside is what gets manifested in the outer world.It seems easy to put in words but many people fail to get desired results while applying the law of attraction. While we already discussed basics of the law of attraction in the post the Law Of Attraction Tips today we will discuss  5 things which if acted upon can sky rocket your results and you will truly be living the law of attraction.

Below are the 5 secrets to the law of attraction

Stop looking for results : This is one of the most common mistakes people make when applying the law of attraction.They start looking for results too soon. What most people do is to do the law of attraction exercises such as visualization and affirmations for few days and then start looking for results. They start asking “where is my stuff?”

the law of attraction

Where is my stuff?

When you look for the results and you do not find it you go right back into the awareness that the things that you are looking for has not yet manifested. Most people get disappointed and frustrated on not seeing results. When this happens you start vibrating lack. This slows down your manifestation process. Its like you take two steps forward and one step backward. So the net result is one step forward.

Your primary aim should be to build as much momentum of good feelings as possible. Stop the habit of validating whether your outer world has changed or not. Remember when you start looking for results you are sabotaging your manifestation process.

Do not try to predict the how : This is another common mistake we all commit when applying the law of attraction. We try to micromanage and figure out the “how” of the manifestation process. If things are not going exactly the way we want it to be we think something is wrong. We start to second guess what we are doing. This again is a self sabotaging behaviour.

Your physical mind is not designed to figure out the how of the manifestation process. There are infinite number of ways in which the Universe can bring about the manifestation. You cannot predict the exact events which might unfold in order for your manifestation to happen.

the law of attraction

How does this work?

The Universe has its own complex ways which our physical mind is not designed to decipher. When the how seems different than what you had imagined and you get disappointed about it you are again going two steps backwards. Disappointment and frustration, as discussed in first point, slows down your manifestation process.

Assign positive meaning to seemingly negative situation: This is one of my favourite recipe for the law of attraction. We have been conditioned to assign negative meaning to situations which do not turn out exactly in a way we want it to be. Any circumstance or event is neutral. It does not have any built in meaning. It is we who assign meaning to it.

Whatever meaning you assign to a situation determines what effect you will extract out of that situation. If you assign a positive meaning to a negative situation you will extract only positive result for yourself out of that situation no matter what anyone else’s intention,involved in that situation, is.

law of attraction

Hmm! What this could mean?

I learnt this concept of assigning a positive meaning to every situation from Darryl Anka who channels an entity called Bashar. There are times when you are not able to figure what positive effect a negative situation can have on you. In such situation just assume that there is something wonderful about that negative event. Even if you are not able to see in your mind’s eye what it could be still create a feeling of joy and be grateful that it happened. Let that event pass away with a feeling that it will produce something good for you in the future.

If you start assigning positive meaning to all situations in life you will realize that all the people and the events related to that negative situation will turn out as a means to something good for you in the future. The people will play their part in moving you closer to your goals and then move away from you. That is the beauty of the law of attraction.

Do not limit the Universe: While doing the law of attraction exercises such as visualization we think that what image we conjure in our mind is the best possible scenario that could happen. What we forget is that the Universe or the God is all powerful and is capable of bringing about manifestation which we might even not able to imagine.

When doing a visualization exercise imagine a best possible scene of your ideal life, get in the feeing place of that life and then drop that image and just sustain the feeling of it. Get into the feeling of expecting even grander version of what you thought is the best possible scenario for your life. This way you do not limit the universe to only what you imagined as best. Remember what you thought as best version of your ideal life might be the least for the Universe. We can’t even imagine what all Universe is capable of. Haven’t you read below line before?

Jesus looked at them and said, “With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.” 

the law of attraction

The Universe is all powerful!

So trust that the Universe can fulfil even your wildest dream. Do not limit the Universe. Let the Universe surprise you with its magic trick!

Start implementing: This is by far the most important step in making the law of attraction work for you. Start implementing what you have learnt. You can read thousands of books on the law of attraction, feeling good and making your desires come true but unless and until you incorporate the teachings in your daily life , results are hard to follow.

I know it feels good reading inspirational books and watching videos which talk about the law of attraction but once you feel you have got some basic understanding of the concepts start experimenting with it. Yes you can still keep researching about new things but you need to let the ball rolling for things to move forward. You need to jump into the swimming pool in order to learn swimming. You can read thousands of books and watch thousands of videos on how to swim but unless you take the leap you cannot learn swimming.

law of attraction

Take the leap!

Use the above 5 secrets to the law of attraction to get the most out of life!


Aniket Srivastava is the owner of thelawofattractionblogger.com. He is passionate about blogging and created this platform to learn and share stuff about The Law of Attraction.


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