3 Reasons why attracting back an ex using LOA doesn’t work!

I have been part of many forums about the law of attraction and been part of many different types of discussions about loa. One of the most famous topics in all of these forums is getting back ex using law of attraction. Law of attraction promises that we can be, do or have anything we want. So attracting back an ex should be no exception to this rule. The truth is that yes you can attract back your ex using law of attraction but in majority of cases people fail to do so. If you closely analyse the situation of people who can’t seem to attract back their ex you will realise that they use law of attraction to push away their ex instead of attracting them back.Lets look at 3 main reasons why attracting back an ex using law of attraction doesn’t work.

Depression: Most of the people who are trying to attract back their ex are highly depressed. Depression is at the very bottom of emotional scale( Emotional scale is a term described by Abraham Hicks). When you are depressed you are emitting all sorts of negative vibrations. All your actions are coming from a place of negativity. Your negative vibrations and the corresponding negative actions will attract more events which will make you even more depressed. This is what law of attraction is. Like attracts like. Depression attracts more depressing scenarios .

People do law of attraction exercises such as visualization, affirmations etc in order to attract back their ex and at the same time they are depressed. This causes the exercises to backfire because when you visualize and affirm and do not see results you become even more depressed which adds up to your negative vibes. This in turn pushes the person you are trying to attract.

Operating from a place of lack: People trying to attract back their ex are very well aware that they are missing someone in their life. While doing all their loa exercises they have this awareness of the lack of that person from their life. Lack  attracts more of lack. So no matter what loa tools they use or what exercises they do , they do it from a place of lack. Law of attraction is working at all time hence they attract more of lack of that person i.e. they push that person even more.

Looking for results too soon: When you start looking for results too soon or when you start to take score and do not find what you are looking for you go right back into the vibration of lack. Yo go back where you had started. You get depressed when you do not see any signs of your lover coming back. You start feeling betrayed and lonely. Looking for evidences of law of attraction working is one of the reasons why it doesn’t work for you.

Are you making above three mistakes if you are using LOA to attract back your ex.Would love to hear your comments in comments section.

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