Consistency Of Effort

Few days back I read “The Compound Effect” by Darren Hardy. The book was a real eye opener. The book teaches about the importance of consistency and being persistence in any endeavor. If you take continuous take small steps in any direction eventually you will make it to the destination. The book describes how doing things consistently can lead to exponential results in the long run.

A typical example is working out. You must have noticed that when you start working out you will not notice much changes in your body for first few days. Many people get disappointed and stop working out when they do not see results immediately. But the one who persevere despite not seeing any result is the one who eventually gets a ripped body. Getting a wonderful physique is no different than getting that fat belly. Both involves a process. A process that takes time and perseverance. Someone who is fat doesn’t just woke up one day and got fat. There was a process behind that. The process involved being a couch potato, no physical activity, eating junk foods, all of which added up slowly and steadily and resulted in that person becoming fat.

One day I didn’t close my bathroom tap properly while leaving for office. When I returned in the evening I realized water had been dripping from the tap and the bucket beneath the tap was overflowing. That event struck me the importance of consistency. Who would care about water dripping from a tap? But when allowed to drip continuously it didn’t just fill the bucket but the bucket was overflowing.

Time is going to fly by whether you take action or not. Time stops for no one. If today you decide to start taking action, no matter how small, in the direction of your goals and do it on a consistence basis eventually you will end up getting what you want.  If you are having trouble saving money then start by investing a fixed percentage of your income, no matter how small it may be, every month and do it on a consistence basis. With all the advancement in banking system you can just set a fixed amount to be debited on a particular date every month and forget about it. Let it accumulate and grow.

If you want a healthy body start getting half an hour earlier and go for a jog. No one is asking you to hit the gym from the first day and work out for two hours. We know that for majority of people that doesn’t work. Even a 10 min jog in the morning will provide huge health benefits in the long run. All you have to do is be consistence. It can be only 4 times a week but make sure that you jog for 4 times a week. You will be amazed to see the drastic affect this 10 min jog can have on your health in the long run.

You might want to switch career but feel you do not have required skillset and do not have time to get trained. Well I doubt that. In today’s age of internet all the information you need is at your fingertips. Start self-study for just half an hour daily. You might not be able to switch your career today or next week or next month but if you continue this half hour of self-study daily then for sure next year same time you can easily make a jump.

The important thing here is that whether you work out or not, save money or not, get trained or not, time will pass no matter what. If you don’t do anything then nothing is going to change anyways. You will be no better next year same time. If you start taking some small steps to improve your life there is nothing to lose. Taking small steps may seem like a trivial task but the beautiful truth is all successful people who are pioneers in their field went through a process. That process involved small steps each day every day in the direction of their goals. They had their failures and disappointments, but again an event is a failure or disappointment only if you see it that way. If you treat each failure or disappointment as a part of the process then you will find it easy to overcome the failures psychologically and move forward.

The concept of consistency may be a little contradictory with the concept of law of attraction. We have been fed to believe that action plays very little role when it comes to law of attraction. The truth is that action which is not inspired and doesn’t feel good is the one that doesn’t bring results. An inspired action will have exponential result and an inspired consistence effort will bring even better results. Yes at times we will not feel like doing things which we should be doing. This is very common and shouldn’t be taken as a reason to give up on consistency. We all mood swings from time to time. All we have to do is overcome that and get going. We all know that both law of attraction and consistency bring about results. Just imagine what the result would be if you combine both of these principles. Doing all the techniques of law of attraction and at the same time taking consistent effort will not just double your result but will grow it exponentially.

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