Creative Visualization Exercises

Creative visualization exercises help you to improve you visualization capacity.We discussed in the last post Creative Visualization Techniques that everyone visualizes be it thinking about the past or worrying or planning about the future. But often times we hear that people find it difficult to consciously visualize things that they want to manifest. They either can’t imagine … [Read more…]

Creative Visualization Techniques

Before we learn about creative visualization techniques lets first understand what is a visualization. Visualization is process of imagining any event in your mind. This event can be any real life or hypothetical situation or conversation. Even though you may not have heard about visualization the truth is everybody knows how to visualize. As a … [Read more…]

The Law Of Attraction

If you have ever been into self help and spirituality I am sure you must have come across the term “The Law Of Attraction”. This term is quite common today in the field of self improvement and spirituality. Put into simple words it means “like attracts like”.If you are in a state of positive feelings … [Read more…]