Children Are Our Best Teachers

Have you ever seen a negative child? I bet not. Why is that small children always seem to enjoy life to the fullest. They live a life full of curiosity. They keep on running around jumping with happiness.  I remember when I was a child everything felt so good. Happiness seemed to be in the air. I used to live completely in the present. I remember waking up in the morning and the sunshine felt so good. Getting ready for school was not a big deal. Even that routine felt good. I used to be excited about the day. During my summer holidays as well I remember getting up early in the morning just to play cricket. Everything felt so good.

But unfortunately as we grow old majority of us forget our true nature of being happy and living in the present. A child is happy mainly because he lives completely in the moment and is hardly sad about his past or worried about his future. There is only one moment in time for him and that is present.I understand that you may argue that a child has his parents to take care of him so he doesn’t need to worry about anything and that is true.We as grown ups are on own and have to take care of our family. We have to ensure that our’s and our children’s future is secure. We have to plan for our retirement days. We all have those worries and there is no denying of it.

We get caught up in the daily routines of life and loose touch with our true nature of being happy. It feels as if it is normal to be grumpy about things in general. Many of us derive some sort of pleasure in being serious all the time. What we do not realize is this type of attitude doesn’t do much good to us. Even though we might have to take care of our family and plan for our retirement days but that does not mean we cannot be happy in the moment. Whoever believes that is absolutely wrong! You will be doing disservice to yourself if you make your past and future as a reason for not being happy in the present.

The basis of law of attraction is feeling good. You can feel good only in the present. You cannot go back in the past to feel good nor can you jump in the future to feel good. There is only one moment in time when you can feel good and that is in the present. Children are expert in being happy in the present. In fact it is one of the distinctive qualities that we all are born with. The Creator or God created us with this quality but unfortunately majority of us forget this as we grow old. Below line from famous American writer Dr. Seuss  sums it all

“Adults are obsolete children”

As we grow old we get conditioned by society , our elders and our parents to become serious in life. While it is absolutely fine to become serious in a sense of taking responsibilities of life but most of us start taking life as a whole seriously. We get too cautious in life. We get afraid to move out of our comfort zone and try new things in life. If things do not turn out the exactly the way we want it to be we assume it to be the END. Instead of thinking that something better might be coming for us we get bitter about it. This attitude contradicts the whole idea of law of attraction. We assign negative meaning to anything which did not turn out the way we want it to be.  If you look at a child he doesn’t assign any meaning to any so called negative event. He goes through that event and just forgets about it next day because he is too busy playing and enjoying the present moment.

All the techniques which we learn from the gurus about the law of attraction are already evident in a child. They stay in the moment, they feel good in the moment, they do not take anything too seriously, they are not bitter about life, they are not guilty about their past or worried about their future, they are kings and queens in their imagination, they can keep on day dreaming, they do not put expectations on life or any one else, their mood is not conditioned with what their friends or family is thinking. These are the core fundamentals of law of attraction. Isn’t it amazing that God already sent us packed with all the information needed to create a wonderful life.

The takeaway from this post is that we already know how to create a wonderful life. We came in this world with this information. But somewhere down the line we forgot about it. Let bygones be bygones. We cannot go back in time and redo things but we can,starting from now,take responsibility of our moods and feelings. Be child like. Try to live in the present moment just like a kid. Be curious about things and do not let failures deter you from your path. Enjoy each and every moment. Do not be afraid to try new things in life. If you fail you can always get back up and keep moving. Failure won’t kill you. You will still be breathing and can make new choices.

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