No Coincidence Is A Coincidence!

There are no coincidences in this world. If you truly understand law of attraction you know that nothing happens by chance. Everything is happening in response to our current vibrations. I happen to witness few incidences recently which prove this.

My parents were to come my place to spend some time. I live with two other room mates in a 3 bedroom flat. There were few things which were making me anxious. They had to travel by train and the arrival time for the train was 4 AM Saturday morning. Since this was their first time visit to my city I was supposed to receive them at the station. I do not own a car but my room mate does. But I don’t really ask for his car as I like my motor bike. So I had planned to book a cab to railway station. Trains in my country never usually arrive in time and I was not sure at what time exactly should I book. If I book as per official train timings and if train gets delayed then I would have to wait alone early in the morning. Any ways, I planned to book as per official timing. Also the thought of getting up at around 3.15 – 3.30 AM to reach station by 4 AM was bit frustrating as I am not in the habit of sleeping earlier than 1.30 AM – 2 AM.

The second thought which was bogging me down was that I had overnight office support on Sunday morning from 1 AM to 10 AM. My parents were arriving on Saturday morning as I told earlier. In order for to be able to support Sunday morning I had to take some extra rest on Saturday itself and also once my shift got over on Sunday I would return and sleep. This meant I could not spend time with my parents over the weekend. The support was critical as it was client go live so I could not have said no.

Above thoughts were making me anxious before my parents arrival. But then I caught myself worrying. I thought I am a believer of vibrational world and my anxiety will for sure manifest something unwanted. So I decided not to worry at all. I just said to myself that everything will be sorted out in best possible way. With this attitude I carried on my daily routine. On Friday evening at office I was busy preparing for next day overnight support thinking at the same time about my parent’s arrival. But I was not worrying at all.

It was 9 PM and I was still at office busy preparing for next day support. Remember that once I reached home I also had to book a cab for 3 AM in the morning to reach the station. At about 9.15 PM we received a mail that go live is postponed by one week that means no overnight support for me next night. This came to me as relief. I was happy that I no longer had to come to office over the weekend.

Any ways, upon hearing the news of go live getting postponed I left for my home. Once I reached home I started browsing over internet if I could get some good deals for booking cab. I was busy browsing suddenly my other room mate came to my room and asked what I was doing. He rarely enters my room but today he suddenly came. I told him that I was booking a cab. He said there is no need to book a cab and he would drive me to station and we both would receive my parents. I thought WOW!! I told him we had to leave early in the morning at about 3.30 AM. He said no problem.

So now I had a car ready for me 🙂 . Next I was also worried about not being able to sleep properly. Again I thought I should not worry and let this be taken care by universe. I set the alarm for 3.30 AM in the morning. I slept at 1 AM. When I woke up at 3.30 AM I logged in my mobile app to check the status of the train. To my pleasant surprise it was delayed by 2 hrs! The official time was 4 AM and now it wont arrive before 6 AM. I was relieved and set the alarm for 5.15 AM so that I could leave by 5.30 AM. I had calculated about 25 mins to reach station by car.

I got extra sleep of around 2 hrs. I was feeling fresh now. I woke my flatmate up and we both got ready and left at 5.30 AM. It only took about 15 mins to reach the station as there was no traffic at all. So we reached at about 5.45 AM. The moment we entered the station we heard announcement that the train had just arrived. It was about 5.50 AM. So we didnt had to wait there also 🙂 . We both received my parents and comfortably came back to my flat.

My parents were also bit tired from the journey. They slept for some time and so did I. In the evening we went for outing and also enjoyed on Sunday as my overnight support was postponed.

I am writing this post on Tuesday and these incidents happened last weekend. Looking back now I realize how effortlessly universe arranged everything for me when I didn’t worry and fully trusted in the universe. I guess if I had kept worrying nothing better would have happened.

Hope the above short story of mine inspires you to stop worrying over small things and trust that universe will take care of everything.

If you also happened to come across any such incidences do share in the comment section. This would provide some inspiration and encouragement to other readers!

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