There is no Competition in Spiritual Plane!

Competition!Competition!Competition! How many times have we heard this word “Competition” in our life. Probably millions of times. From the time we are born we are bombarded with this concept of competition. In studies, sports , society everywhere we need to prove ourselves.

Competition is not a bad thing when used properly. For e.g in sports it is quite natural and healthy to be competitive. This sort of competition helps one to stay motivated and push his / her limits to get the desired results such as winning an event.  Even if you are not participating in an event you can still be actively involved in physical activities and it is good to go out and participate in few events to test your mettle. This sort of competition is well appreciated.

When it comes to studies I am really not in the favour of competition. The ranking and the grading system does no good. The fact that world’s most successful people were average students or the worse they were college drop outs proves the fact that ranking in studies is no parameter to judge ones worth. But we are not here to wage a war against schooling system 🙂 .

The fact is that there is nothing to compete. Most of us do not recognize that there is enough for everyone. In fact there is more than enough for each individual on this planet. The attitude of competition with which we are raised proves detrimental when we try to acquire things such as riches and abundance. We think that moving up the ladder has to be done at the expense of dragging others down the ladder. Thoughts such as in order for you to become rich someone has to loose money. We have to take the money by force. We have to fool others else they will fool us. This attitude beats the whole concept of abundance.

The thing here to understand is that everything is made from the source or what we call as the God. We also know that God is infinite. Everything is born from that source even the money or any other form of abundance. You do not need to trick any one else into making you rich. You just need to claim it from the infinite source which is at your disposal. The Universe is waiting to deliver all the riches to you. You just need to get above the competitive plane. There is no competition. You just need to claim what is yours.

If it seems that a particular field of your interest can’t support you or help you live abundant life just because no one is getting rich doing it then just remember they are not claiming what is theirs. They are operating from a mindset that that particular field cant support them. They are not walking in faith. In order for you to claim the riches from the infinite source of abundance you got to have the faith that you can live an abundant life doing what you love. The source is not going to discriminate based on what you are doing. It will only respond to your thoughts and feelings. If you believe that what you are doing can make you rich then it has to be so! There is no other option. The universe fully supports what you believe. You can churn out the money from anything you are doing.

Since there is no competition in spiritual plane, whatever you are doing has to support you because there is more than enough for everyone on this planet. As we discussed in the post Passion is the Divine Trying to Express Itself that whenever the God or the Universe wants to have any of the physical experiences He does so through the human beings. That urge to do something creative is the Divine trying to have a physical experience. The Divine will support you so that you can continue doing what you are inspired to do.

Once you move beyond competition you save your precious energy which otherwise would have wasted in trying to defeat others. If you want to sell hamburgers and are afraid that there are already thousands of people selling hamburgers and hence you will not succeed then you operating from a competitive mindset. You will find it difficult to succeed as a hamburger seller. But if you believe that there is more than enough for each person who is selling hamburgers and each can flourish selling hamburgers then you are activating your power to claim from the infinite source of riches. Now you are not worried about others. All you do is focus on making the best tasting hamburgers and putting it on sale. The inflow of cash will be taken care by the Divine. If there is some action on your part which needs to be taken to increase your profits you will be guided from within to do it be it marketing, advertising etc. You are not worried about others in your chosen field. You are just doing what you love doing and giving your best each and everyday.

The takeaway from this post is to forget about competition. Remember that there is enough for everyone and you do not have to con anyone on your way to abundance. You just have to do what you feel you can do best and then leave the rest to the Universe.

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