Creative Visualization Exercises

Creative visualization exercises help you to improve you visualization capacity.We discussed in the last post Creative Visualization Techniques that everyone visualizes be it thinking about the past or worrying or planning about the future. But often times we hear that people find it difficult to consciously visualize things that they want to manifest. They either can’t imagine possessing something which they never had e.g. financial independence or they struggle to generate enough feelings about the manifestation or they can’t consciously visualize altogether. Lets look at some creative visualization exercises which can help to enhance your visualization capacity.

creative visualization exercises

Creative Visualization Exercises

Feel Physical Objects: Close your eyes and imagine yourself holding any physical object. For e.g let us consider a book. Imagine that you are holding a book in your hand. Now try to feel the book in your hand. Feel the edges of the book. Feel your fingers touching the cover of the book. The cover feels different than the pages inside. Try to imagine and feel what the pages feel like. Feel the smoothness of the cover of the book.

If you are unable to do the above exercise just get a real book and hold it in your hands for sometime. Touch it with your fingers and feel what it feels like to hold the book. Feel the edges and the cover of the book. Touch the pages inside. Let the feeling sink in and then keep the book aside and try to repeat everything in your mind. Repeat this exercise as and when you find time. The purpose of this exercise is to help visualize if you are trying to manifest some physical object such as a car or a ring or may be just a laptop or a cellphone! Remember in the movie “The Secret” how a guy is shown driving a car in his imagination in order to manifest a car? Cool right? Creative visualization exercises ,as one described above, is helpful for those kind of manifestations.

Mental Conversations: We all are experts in mental conversations. Aren’t we? I was really good at having a heated debate with my boss in my mind. Every day in the morning while getting ready for office I would think all the things which could go wrong at work and consequently the war of words between me and my boss. And as a matter of fact I would manifest most of them. I am really grateful to have gotten over that habit now and things generally remain cool most of times.

One of the creative visualization exercises is learning to control the conversations going on inside your head. Your inner conversations are continuously crystallizing around you as reality. Inner conversations are no less important than feelings when it comes to successfully applying the law of attraction.  95% of the times we are not even aware that there is a inner chit chat going on inside our head. Only when we step back and take a pause we come to realize that there is a continuous stream of inner chatter going on.To be honest most of our inner conversations happen by default because we never ever tried to control it. Our inner conversations are conditioned by external circumstances.

In order to control your inner chatter just think about any situation you want to improve. Just say for e.g a situation at work. May be there are people at work who are difficult to talk with. Step back and think what inner talks you have with that person when you think about him/her. Is it unpleasant exchange of words or a heated debate? Do you both differ on the projects working on which result in unpleasant talks? Once you have identified the people with whom you have more unpleasant inner chatter than in reality one by one transform you inner talks with each one of them to a more positive one. Take one person at a time and have a positive inner talk with him/her. Initially you will find it awkward because of all the past experiences but slowly you can turn that negative inner chatter to a more positive one.

Once you start doing the above exercises you will notice that in reality your conversations with that person will start to transform to a more positive one. The outer reality is a reflection of what’s going on inside of you. Do this exercise for each person with whom you want to improve your relationships.

Watch Movies: This technique is one of my favourite creative visualization exercises. Visual images can make deep impact on our minds. Movies have all components needed to ring our bells. It has sound, video, actors whose on screen performances make us ooze with emotions. Take out some time to watch light hearted movies which has themes which you want to manifest in your life.

Movies are great way to feel emotions which you otherwise can not feel. If you are single you might not be able to imagine what it feels like to be in love. Go watch some light hearted romantic movie. Movies will emotionally make an impression on you. It will set the tone of romance within you. You will get the taste of that feeling of love and intimacy. Once you get the feeling place of love you can build on that emotion and create an hypothetical love story in your mind where you and your love are in the lead role. Do it as often as you can.Creative visualization exercises like these will train your mind to feel the emotions which you might not have felt till now.

Creative Visualization Exercises


Similarly, if you want financial independence and could not imagine what it feels like to be rich buy some movies depicting life of a self made rich man. Notice how the rich live their life. Get the feeling of being rich.

Once you can feel within yourself that feeling of romance or being rich or whatever that you want to manifest do your visualization sessions with those feelings. Do it as much as you can. Once you get the ball rolling you will start getting ideas for actions which you wouldn’t have probably thought before. You will feel like doing something to get the things you want. You might start approaching people for date with much more confidence. You might get inspired to chart out a financial plan for yourself and your family.Try this exercise and share the results here. We would love to hear from you.

Feeling Good: A highly recommended and probably the most important component of creative visualization exercises. All the creative visualization exercises described above won’t work until you learn to fuel it with good feeling emotions. When you visualize yourself in love , pump that visualization with good feelings. Feeling as if you are already in that wonderful relationship. Do not imagine it to be in future. Bring the imagination in your present. Imagine you are living that wonderful lifestyle.

Creative Visualization Exercises

Feel The Music

In order to feel good, you have to learn to forget about your past and future when you are doing your creative visualization exercises. You must bring your focus and attention to the present moment. I have already described this in my post Law Of Attraction Tips – How to Use The Law Of Attraction in the Night Ritual section.

When you are done with you day and about to sleep take some deep breaths and slowly bring your attention to present moment. In this moment there is no past and no future. You are completely focussed here and now.  Now start your creative visualization session. Get into the feeling place of your desires already manifested. Behave in your imagination the way you would behave had your desires already manifested. Do not think about you past of future. Just do things in your imagination the things you would do if you had already got what you desire.

You will find that if you are totally in present moment doing your creative visualization exercises you will slowly start to feel good. Initially, you might have to make effort in order to feel good. This is because you are too much caught up in your current reality, the past and the future. But once you bring your focus in now while doing your creative visualization exercises feeling good will come naturally. This is because you are thinking about things that would make you feel good. This is one of the most powerful visualization techniques.

Try the above creative visualization exercises!

So try the above creative visualization exercises if you want to enhance your visualization capacity. Feel free to comment below and share your experiences.We would love to hear your creative visualization success stories. Also if you come across some more creative visualization exercises do let us know!

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