Creative Visualization Techniques

Before we learn about creative visualization techniques lets first understand what is a visualization. Visualization is process of imagining any event in your mind. This event can be any real life or hypothetical situation or conversation. Even though you may not have heard about visualization the truth is everybody knows how to visualize. As a matter of fact we all are experts in visualization. Don’t you think about your past or plan about your future? Don’t you rehearse in your mind what all you are going to say in your next presentation? Don’t you get worried and start to imagine all the worst scenarios when your boss wants to have a chat in private? These are all examples of visualization.

We all visualize every moment of the day and even during night when we dream. We can not help but visualize. While we visualize we feel according to the thoughts we think. Thoughts and feelings create reality. This has been described in the post Law Of Attraction Tips – How to Use The Law Of Attraction. So the good news is we all know that we have the power to visualize. The bad news is that most of us do not know how to visualize in order to manifest the things we want out of life. We visualize by default and 80% of those visualization are negative which produces unwanted results. We must learn how to train our mind in order that our visualizations produce positive results. This is where creative visualization and creative visualization techniques come into picture.

 Creative Visualization Techniques

Creative Visualization

Visualization is imagining things which can be both positive and negative. Creative visualization on the other hand is consciously imagining about the good things that you want from your life.You can also call it positive visualization. It can be financial abundance, perfect health, harmonious relationships etc. Creative Visualization is taking control of what you are imagining and directing your attention towards the things that you want rather than the things you do not want. You create in your imagination the ideal life that you want.

Creative Visualization Techniques

Lets now look at some creative visualization techniques.

Best time to visualize: Though you can visualize at any point during the day but the best time to visualize is just when you are retiring to bed. The moment before sleep is the time when you are already relaxed and no further chores to attend to. You can easily get into a peaceful state.

Get comfortable: The next important step is to get comfortable. You must relax yourself mentally and physically before you start your visualization session. When you lie on your bed just close your eyes and try to relax yourself. Do not try too hard. Take deep breaths and feel the air flowing through your nostrils into your lungs. Feel the expansion and contraction of your lungs. Take about 10-15 deep breaths and feel the life energy flowing through you.

Imagination: Once you are in a peaceful state start to visualize any situation or object which you want to manifest. Try to put as many details as possible. You have to visualize as first person as if it happening in present tense. Do not see yourself in the visualization as if you are watching a movie.

Imagine the manifestation has already happened: This is one of the most important aspect of creative visualization. You have to imagine as if the event which you desire has already happened. You have to imagine yourself behaving the way you would behave had the manifestation already happened. For e.g. if you want to be financially independent imagine how would you behave if you were truly financially independent. You can imagine enjoying on a beach with your family not worrying about the money which you spent for the vacation because a man who is financially abundant wont worry on a vacation. That man is happy and relaxed because he knows he has surplus supply of money.

Feelings: I cannot emphasize enough the importance of feelings during creative visualization. Without feelings all your efforts will go in vain. It is really important that during your visualization sessions you feel as if your desire is already manifested. For our previous example when you imagine yourself enjoying with your family you also have to feel the emotions which goes along with it. The feeling that all your expenditure for this vacation is being taken care of and you are totally relaxed and enjoying with your spouse and your kids. You see the happiness on you kid’s face and feel the joy it brings to you. You imagine buying gifts for your parents and siblings and feel happy about it. You have to learn how to visualize vividly. Do not worry if this does not happen in first attempt. With practise you will slowly learn how to put feelings and emotions in your visualizations.

Drift into sleep: Once you are done with your visualization and have generated enough feelings try to drift into sleep with that feeling of your desire manifested. There is a reason behind this. When you are asleep your conscious mind stops working but the sub conscious mind which is basically the force behind all the manifestations is always awake. The feelings which you carry just when you are about to sleep gets registered in the subconscious mind and the subconscious mind begins to work immediately to bring the manifestation of the objects which you visualized.

Follow the above creative visualization techniques and post your comments regarding your experiences and results below. It would be great to share our experiences

If you find visualization difficult check out these creative visualization exercises to enhance your visualization skills.

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