Trying to Feel Good When Depressed

The basis of law of attraction is feeling good. If you are good at feeling good then you can be bad at any other law of attraction technique and still have wonderful manifestations. As we discussed in this post that every subject has two component. One is wanted and one is lack of it. In other words every subject has its opposite. Feeling good is no exception. It is also accompanied by its opposite which is called depression.

What exactly is depression? It is a state of mind where you are constantly having negative emotions about any specific subject or about the life in general. You get trapped in never ending cycle of negative fear based thoughts and emotions. Each and every moment feels like a burden. You are always trying to escape the present moment in order to feel good. Unfortunately, there is only one moment i.e. the present moment which you cannot escape, hence feeling good becomes a tedious job.

If you are depressed for some reason and trying to apply law of attraction in order to improve your condition or to fix something so that you may get out of depression , unfortunately, you will not see much results. A common example is people trying to get back their exes using law of attraction. Most of them who do this are in a very desperate frame of mind. They do all sorts of things such as vision boards, visualization, remote seduction etc. only to realize that all their efforts are backfiring. They push the other person away with their desperate attitude. Many of them are not only desperate but also heavily depressed. They do not get proper sleep or food. They are constantly thinking about what their exes are up to. They feel negative emotions majority of the times. None of their efforts bring any measurable results.

The phrase “You can be, do or have anything you want” has created lot of misconceptions. You must understand that there is more to law of attraction than this phrase. If you are depressed then the best thing you could do is forget about trying to feel good. You must realize that you are vertically opposite to state of feeling good. The emotional gap between depression and feeling good is too much and most of the people fail if they attempt to make that long jump. As Esther Hicks says, depression is at the bottom of emotional scale and feeling good is at the top. It is not worth your time and effort to make that long jump.

So what to do when you are depressed. Instead of taking a long jump you must try to make a gradual transition. The best you can do when you are depressed is try to be less depressed. If you are having negative thoughts throughout the day then you can start by not thinking for few minutes. Pay attention that I am not asking to think positive thoughts. You should start by setting aside few minutes when you will not think any thoughts. Not thinking anything is much easier than thinking positive thoughts especially when you are depressed.

Moving from being depressed to feeling good is like you are moving in one direction in a vehicle at a very fast pace and you want to move suddenly in the opposite direction. You can’t just apply the brakes and take a turn and start moving in opposite direction. You very well understand what will happen if you try to do so. Instead first you start slowing down your vehicle by applying brakes. Once your reach a very low speed then you take a turn slowly and then again start accelerating the vehicle. Soon you are moving at a high speed in the opposite direction.

Moving from depression to ecstasy is the same journey. When you are depressed, give yourself permission to stop thinking for few minutes during the day. Initially, you can start by setting aside 5-10 minutes where you decide that you will not think any thoughts. Even 5 minutes might feel difficult if your mind is swirling with negative thoughts. Do not worry if you are not able to do that initially. Just focus on not thinking anything. Slowly, it will become easier. Not thinking is just like applying slight brake to fast moving trail of negative thoughts. You are trying to slow down the momentum of negative thoughts.

When you become comfortable in having 5-10 minutes of no thought moments , increase the frequency of doing this exercise i.e. start having more sessions of 5-10 minutes during the day when you are not thinking anything. While initially you might be doing it only once a day, slowly start doing it 3-4 times a day. Once you become comfortable with 5-10 minutes session, increase the duration of session to about 15 minutes. I would suggest not going beyond 15 minutes as 15 minutes is kind of optimum duration. Carry on this exercise for few days. Note that during these sessions you are aiming at not thinking anything. You are not trying to feel positive here.

Sometimes even trying not to think becomes difficult as our minds are in a habit of always thinking something. If you are struggling to have periods of no thought then you should do something which would divert your attention away from negative thoughts. You must focus on something which is kind of neutral and doesn’t affect you in any emotional way. One very good exercise is just watching a burning candle. Observe the way the flame flickers. Analyze the different levels of flame starting from the core up to the periphery. Focus on the flame for 5-10 minutes. This exercise will give your mind something to focus upon and it will divert you attention away from negative depressing thoughts at the same time. Note that you might not feel immediate shift in the way you feel. You are just practicing to stop thinking the thoughts that make you feel depressed. Feeling follows later. You can also put on your headphones and listen to something soothing such as sound of raindrops. Get in a comfortable position and put on your headphones. Go to youtube and search for “raindrops meditation”. You will get many videos. Browse through and select one which feels good. While you are listening to the raindrops imagine in your mind’s eye that its raining  outside your window. Enjoy the sound and the feeling. Try this for 10 – 15 minutes.

Keep practicing the above as and when you get time. With practice you will be able to slow down the negative trail of thoughts swirling in your mind. Your unwanted thoughts will slowly start to lose its momentum. The more you dwell on your negative thoughts the more they gain momentum. Its like you are fueling your negative thoughts by your emotions and feelings. When you reach a place of no thought you stop fueling the negative thoughts and just like fire gradually dies without fuel, your negative thoughts will slowly lose its entire momentum.

Apart from above you can also do activities such as running or working out but from my personal experience these activities require lot of dedication and discipline. For someone who is depressed, following a routine can be challenging. But activities such as candle or raindrop meditation is relatively easy and can be done at one’s leisure.

Your chief aim initially should be to reach a neutral state where you are not thinking too much negativity. Once you feel that you are able to hold a neutral state for long durations you can start by thinking positive thoughts but do not get too specific about life. You can say things like

  • My life in general feels good.
  • Things are good.
  • I don’t have to make any decisions at this moment.
  • My primary aim is just to feel good.
  • I know my current situation is temporary.
  • Things will improve in future.
  • I can relax in the knowledge that things are going to work out.
  • It might take some time but I am not worried about it.
  • Right now I will just relax.

Above statements are general feel good statements. You are not aiming for anything specific. You are not desiring for any specific manifestations. You are just trying to feel good in general. At this point you have already slowed down your vehicle and now taking the turn.  Once you become comfortable with feeling good about life in general you can start to focus on specific manifestations. Remember that even if you might be feeling good still there will be times when you will fall back into negative mindset. During those times just try not to think anything just like the initial steps described above.  You will move back and forth between feeling good and bad. If you persist in your intention to feel good, slowly good feelings will start gaining momentum. The good thing about law of attraction is when you start feeling good, more good feeling thoughts will find its way to you. You don’t generally have to do a lot of work once positive emotions start getting momentum. More positive thoughts will join the original thoughts. And before you know it you will be out of depression.

Once you are in a positive frame of mind for long durations you can start doing techniques such as visualizations, affirmations and vision boards. This will help you to get specific about your manifestations.

Depression is not a hopeless situation. You just need to give yourself time to heal back. Remember that eventually you will return back to your normal state of joy and happiness. Above technique can be used as an addition to any therapy you might be taking. For someone who is depressed, his/her main aim should be first to get back normal state of good feeling. Rest of the path is easy!

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