How To Feel Good About Yourself

If you want to understand how to feel good about yourself then Congratulations! You have probably asked the most important question ever. Learning how to feel good about yourself is an important factor in order to make the law of attraction work for you. In fact it is the basis or the foundation of creating good things in life.

Though there can be many reasons for not feeling good about yourself but at the core of everything is not feeling worthy. Many people think for some reason that they don’t deserve the good things in life. People suffer with inferiority complex. They compare themselves with other people. They think they are not good looking enough, they do not have enough money, they are not as intelligent as other people. These thoughts lead to negative emotions such as sadness,jealousy, anger, disappointment which can prove detrimental from the perspective of law of attraction. No matter how many law of attraction exercises you do , if you do not feel worthy enough you will fail to attract any of the good things. When you feel unworthy and bad about yourself you are sending those signals to the universe. The universe like a loyal servant will pick up the vibration of unworthiness and throw situations at you which will make you feel even worse about yourself. You must learn how to feel good about yourself if you really want law of attraction to work in your favour.

how to feel good about yourself

How to feel good about yourself

Lets discuss few action points which you can take to understand how to feel good about yourself

1. You are worthy : Feeling unworthy is by far one of the worst thing you could do to yourself. Many people think they are not worthy of all the pleasures of life. Some people pick this belief at an early age form their parents who tell their children that they are not good enough. A child’s mind is like an empty slate. It is really easy to write anything on it. Parents , often unintentionally, say things which embeds a feeling of unworthiness in their kids. Things like “you are not good enough, other kids are doing better than you, work hard if you want to achieve success, money doesn’t grow on trees,we are a middle class family and we do not dream big, no one from our family has done this, you will fail if you follow your passion instead of getting a secure job,this is not your cup of tea, don’t dream big etc” .

A kid does not have any reference with which he can compare whether what he is being told is right or wrong for him. He readily accepts anything which his parents or guardian say as true. He might think that he is not supposed to be rich or he is not good enough just because he grew up listening the same. But as he grows up he sees that there are other people who are achieving great things in life , who are prosperous and enjoying their lives to the fullest.This adds to the feeling of unworthiness. He can witness that there are many more possibilities to life but he can’t embrace those possibilities because of what he was taught as a child. It becomes a challenge for him to understand how to feel good enough.

Now you cant go back into time and unlearn whatever you were told. The truth is you don’t have to unlearn the unwanted stuff in order to understand how to feel good about yourself. Remember that you have acquired some beliefs which doesn’t resonate with you. All you have to do is replace it with a new belief.

Your new belief should be that YOU ARE WORTHY! You are worthy of all the riches of life. You are worthy of that wonderful relationship, the money and the all the abundance of life. You are worthy because Creation created you. You are a unique perspective of the Creation. By Creation I mean the universe or the God or All That Is or the Source. Call it whatever you feel comfortable. You are a spirit manifested in physical form. You are worthy simply because you came into this physical form . You are worthy just because you exist. You do not need any other reason to feel worthy apart from your existence. You learn how to feel good about yourself simply by accepting the fact you are a part of the Universe. In fact when you were born you had all the knowledge of how to feel good about yourself. Feeling good came naturally to you. You are one of the many pieces of which this universe is made of. Without you the universe will crumble.

Neale Donald Walsch in his book Conversations With God Book 1 explains that All That Is(God/Universe/Creator) in order to know Himself experientially divided Himself into parts , parts which constitute everything in this world even we as human beings. Below line from the book sums it beautifully.

“There is only one way for the Creator to know Itself experientially as the Creator, and that is to create. And so I gave to each of the countless parts of Me (to all of My spirit children) the same power to create which I have as the whole.”

how to feel good about yourself

Do you still struggle to understand how to feel good about yourself after reading above? I doubt so! The above line seconds the quote we have heard for so long which is “We are made in the image of God”. How could such a wonderful and magnificent being should have tough time feeling good. Without you All That Is is incomplete.

If you want to understand how to feel good about yourself just know that you are a unique perspective of Creation and you deserve all the good things!

2. Stop Comparing Yourself with Others – In this fast moving world often times we find ourselves competing for various things in life be it a job, a college degree, a beautiful soul mate. There is competition every where. Starting from our childhood we are taught that we have to compete and fight with others in order to get what we deserve. Unfortunately, not all win.Those who win move to next level of competition where they either again win or loose. Those who lost keep wondering what is wrong with them. They start developing a feeling of inferiority and fall short in their own eyes.This habit of comparing one self with others is another major cause of feeling bad.

Stop comparing yourself with others in order for to understand how to feel good about yourself. Remember that you are a unique individual and there is nothing to compare with others. Comparing with others is like comparing apples to oranges. As we discussed in the first point that you are a unique perspective of creation and there can be no comparison between you and any other individual. All human beings are like pieces of a puzzle. The pieces are of different shape and sizes but each of them is equally important for the puzzle to complete. When all the pieces fit together the puzzle is complete and this completed puzzle is nothing but the Universe. You are an indispensable part of Universe.

People often try to copy others and try to be like them but in almost all cases this doesn’t work. The reason for this is that they are trying to be someone else. They forget their true identity and try to be some one else. Look back in the history and you will find all the evidences that those who achieved great heights were the one who followed their own heart. Even if no one believed in them they carried on with their dreams. They never tried to imitate others.

When you are following someone else’s dream you forget your own true vibrational frequency. Instead of doing what gives you joy you are following someone else’s passion. Remember that the basis of learning how to feel good about yourself is to do things which “feels good to you” not your father,mother or your friends.

Understand that you are a unique individual and a magnificent aspect of All That Is. You came here to follow your joy and not someone else’s. People ask “How can I feel happy?”. The answer is so simple yet it eludes so many people. You feel happy by doing that makes YOU feel happy and not some one else. You have to ask what makes you yourself and then be that person.

3.Decide to be happy for no reason – Another important aspect to learn how to feel good about yourself is to understand that Happiness is a decision. Just decide to be happy for no other reason than to be happy. If your happiness is based on outer circumstances then you are working backwards. Whatever we want in our life is because we think in the having of it we will feel better and be happy. If you can be happy without needing the conditions to change only then the conditions can change. This is what is called as unconditional love. Unconditional love is the basis of law of attraction.

how to feel good about yourself

Feel Good

When you are happy for no other reason than to be happy , you are vibrating at a very high frequency. The universe responds to this frequency of happiness and throws back at you events which make you feel more happy.If you understand this you will witness manifestations happening left and right. You have to be in that state of happiness in order to attract more happiness. To understand how to feel good about yourself you have to learn to be happy unconditionally.

Above are few action points to practise how to feel good about yourself. Do share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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