How To Stop Negative Thoughts

Learning how to stop negative thoughts can be tricky if you do not understand what causes negativity. You must understand why negativity exists in the first place and what causes negative thoughts to pop up in your mind. You must also realize what is the role of negativity when you try to create the reality you desire. If you understand this it would be quite easy for you to learn how to stop negative thoughts else most of your efforts would go in vain and you would be stuck in vicious cycle of negativity.

how to stop negative thoughts

Understand negativity to learn how to stop negative thoughts!

First lets be clear what do we mean here by negative thoughts. Fear of failure, worrying about future,anticipating unwanted outcomes, other people’s opinion about us,regrets of past,low self esteem, financial worry as so on. We are not discussing here fear which arises as a reaction to immediate threats such as a dog chasing you, someone pointing a gun at you, someone threatening to hit you etc. While the first category of negative thoughts are mind made and unnecessary , the second category is nature’s gift to us to ensure our survival.

If you analyse you will find that most of our negative thoughts pop up in our mind in response to following three things

  • A current situation which seems negative.
  • Future event which we think might not unfold as expected.
  • The regrets of past.

The common point is that all our negative thoughts are condition dependent. They are in response to some situation of present,past or future. Self degrading feelings of low self esteem are also due to past conditioning and as a result of one or numerous past experiences. This understanding becomes crucial while learning how to stop negative thoughts.

In order words, it is our interpretation of situations which decides what kind of thoughts we will have about that situation.Negative interpretation causes negative thoughts and positive interpretation causes positive thoughts. If you are in the midst of a positive situation then it is really easy to have all the good feeling thoughts.The real challenge lies in coping with negative thoughts when your life apparently seems to fall apart.

If only you could learn how to assign a positive meaning to a negative situation you could very easily get rid of negative thoughts around that situation.So the question is how do you do it?How to stop negative thoughts?Here is how you can do it!

Let us for the sake of example consider positive situations equivalent to light and negative situations equivalent to darkness. Of course, each one of us would love to experience only positive situations i.e light. Now suppose since the time you were born you have only experienced positive situation i.e light. You are not aware what is darkness. You have been surrounded by light throughout your life. Now if I ask you how does it feel to be surrounded by light. Does it feel good? The obvious answer is “Yes” ,but there is a catch here! How could you say light feels good when you haven’t experienced darkness. The truth is you do not have a frame of reference against which you could compare and say that light feels good. In order for you to say that light feels good you must have experienced darkness. Once you experience a negative situation aka darkness only then you could truly say that light aka positive situations feels good!

So how to stop negative thoughts? The answer is by accepting that each experience that causes a negative thought to pop up is needed in order for us to truly feel the ecstasy of a positive situation. Each negative situation is perfectly unfolding in order to bring your manifestation to fruition. The negative situations are part of manifestation process. They are there for a reason. Once you get this concept you would not be bothered by any unwanted circumstance. You would accept it happily. Once you accept the negative situation with absolute faith that it is there for a reason you would stop giving it unwanted negative energy. Your thoughts around that situation will either become neutral or positive. You would feel more relaxed under such situations.

Once you are relaxed and at peace with any negative situation it will speed up your manifestation process which earlier was slowed down due to unwanted negative energy. The situation will slowly dissolve on its own without much effort on your part.

The problem arises when you resist the so called negative situation. You must have heard “What you resist persists!”. If you resist negative situation you will keep fuelling it with negative energy and thoughts. For understanding how to stop negative thoughts around that situation you need to stop resisting it. Accept it as a path for your manifestation.

how to stop negative thoughts

How to stop negative thoughts – Accept the negative situation as it is!

Let above line be your mantra for life.Accepting a negative situation does not mean that you do not make effort to change it. It means you stop thinking of it as something unwanted or a bad manifestation. You should not blame yourself for creating that situation. Start to think about it as a perfect pathway to your desired manifestation.

Your conscious mind does not have capacity to understand what role a situation has in bringing your desires to fruition. The higher mind or the subconscious mind or the universe,whatever you call it,knows what role each situation has to play in your life. But in order for you get a positive outcome from a negative situation you must learn to assign positive meaning to that situation. You must learn how to stop being negative about it.Practising how to stop negative thoughts becomes easy when you understand the causes of negativity and the role it has to play.

Hopefully, the above discussion will help you to learn how to stop thinking negative. Do share your views in the comment section!

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  1. little miss sunshine

    I loved reading this articles. Its amazing how these things always show up when you need it. By embracing my negative feelings I got rid of them quite fast. So thank you. Will keep coming back to read your articles

  2. Aniket

    Hi Little Miss Sunshine,

    Embracing the negative situation and not interpreting it as something unwanted is indeed the way get rid of negative feelings.
    I am glad that you liked the article.

  3. Hi ANiket,

    It’s a great article that have read on this topic. I would love to see some examples of how negative thoughts or situations are also a breakthirugh of our manifestation process, also how to give positive meaning to a negative thought.

    I really want to see this. Thank you.

    Good vibes on your way

  4. Aniket

    Hi Jiya..glad you liked it..

    Negative thoughts are not bad untill we start giving too much attention and pumping it with negative energy.
    Our mind has been trained since birth to be safe. Hence it always tries to pull back when we enter any difficult situation.
    It tries to think what all can go wrong so that it can convince us to be in our comfort zone.
    Negative situations are in fact in many cases breakthrough of our manifestation.

    Many people reach bottom of the pit because they cannot control their negative feelings and emotions. They loose everything till there is nothing else to loose. This is the point when they generally bounce back because from this point each positive gain feels good which slowly builds momentum untill they reach at the top again.

    The same slight positive gain would have looked negative during downward journey. But during upward journey it is a moment of relief. This time people assign positive meaning to it which otherwise would have been taken as negative.

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