How to Think Positive Thoughts

Let discuss in today’s post how to think positive thoughts. We already learnt few action points on how to stop negative thoughts in this post. Research shows that a common person has anywhere between 50,000 – 70,000 thoughts on an average per day most of which are uncontrolled thoughts. We know that thoughts and feelings play an important role in manifesting positive circumstances in our life. If we could somehow learn how to think positive thoughts majority of the time then we can make law of attraction to yield us positive circumstances.

how to think positive thoughts


 How to think positive thoughts

1. Develop an awareness of thoughts: Most of us are not even aware of all the thoughts we are having in our mind. Most of our thinking happen by default and unfortunately majority of which is negative. While it is virtually impossible to control all the thoughts , it is possible to have an awareness that we are thinking negative. You can catch yourself thinking negative only if you are aware that you are thinking negative. In order to learn how to think positive thoughts first develop an awareness of the thoughts in your mind.

Being aware of thoughts will take practise as this is not something we are used to. Initially, when you try to monitor your thoughts you will find that you become numb and stop thinking.  If you having a stream of negative thoughts then having no thought is a much better place. A positive mind is better than mind with no thought and a no thought mind is better than a negative mind.

2.You can choose your thoughts: Once you become aware of your thoughts the next important thing to understand is that you can choose your thoughts. Imagine you have a large buffet of thoughts at your disposal. In a buffet what do you do? You choose only that which feels good. In order to understand how to think positive thoughts remember that you can choose whatever thought you want. No one is pointing a gun at you and asking to think negative thoughts. It is you who is choosing to think negatively. You have been given a free will by the Creator. No one can force you to think negatively against your will. Use your free will and choose only those thoughts which feel good.

how to think positive thoughts

I think only what feels good!

3. Check the next thought :  This method is extremely useful when you are having stream of negative thoughts. If you are having constant negative thoughts and are unable to control it then just stop for a moment and give attention to the next thought that comes to your mind. You will find out that the moment you do this your thoughts will stop. Though this wont help you much to learn how to think positive thoughts but still it will bring you relief from unending negative thoughts.

4. Build upon good mood: You will always have moments when you are feeling good. It can be when you are not working, during weekends, when you are alone and just feeling good etc. Whenever you find occasions when you will not be disturbed and also you are feeling somewhat good then take full advantage of this time. Just lie on your bed and imagine your best possible life. Close your eyes and start imagining that you have all the things which you desire. Put your logical mind to rest and think that nothing is impossible in your imagination. The money, the house , the car, your partner and whatever you can imagine.This is what I did while learning how to have positive thoughts.

how to think positive thoughts

I love daydreaming!

When you start imagining good things just for the sake of feeling good then you are not developing any resistance. You are OK with the fact that the things you want have not yet manifested. This increases your vibration and at the same time you have no resistance. This makes good things rush towards you.

Apply the above techniques to learn how to think positive thoughts!

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