Law Of Attraction Tips – How to Use The Law Of Attraction

Lets look into some basic law of attraction tips and tricks and how to use the law of attraction to our advantage. The law of attraction works on the principle that everything is energy.I don’t think I need to provide any proof that everything is energy.There have been numerous studies done which prove that at the atomic level everything is energy. You can just search the internet and get tons of result which supports this fact. The table in your room, your pet dog, the computer you are using right now are all energy at the atomic level and everything is vibrating at a certain frequency. Every object in this universe has a signature vibrational frequency.

law of attraction tips

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Law of Attraction Tips

Tip 1: The universe responds to you vibrations.Learn how to control it!

The amazing thing about this universe is that it responds to the vibration that you emit at any point of time.The universe is like a television set. You can tune it to whatever frequency you want to see. All the frequencies are available to you. Each frequency corresponds to a particular channel similar to your television set.You get to decide the frequency you want to experience.This is one of the core principles of this law. Learning to control this frequency is one of the best law of attraction tips you could ask for. You must know how to switch to your desired channel.

Tip 2: Your thought,feelings and emotions decides which frequency you experience.Learn to control it!

You have learnt that universe is like a television set. But where is the remote to this television set. How to use the law of attraction and how to switch the channel. The answer is your thoughts,feelings and emotions. Emotion is energy in motion. Your emotion is nothing but energy vibrating at a certain frequency and the frequency of your emotions decides the frequency of the YOUR UNIVERSE. Note the words in bold in last sentence. It says YOUR UNIVERSE. With this we go to tip 3

Tip 3: You are the centre of your universe. Learn to control it!

You are the centre of your universe. It is your reality. Though you might think that there is only one universe and all are part of it but in truth there are as many universe as there are people and each person is the centre of his/own universe. You get to choose how your universe should look like.  You get to decide what reality you experience. In other words you ask the universe , you wish to the universe what you want.You ask the universe for money , for health and love and the universe is always ready to give what you are asking for.The power is within you! It lies in your thoughts, feelings and emotions. Some even call this “The Secret Law Of Attraction” but in truth it is no secret. It can be considered secret just because the fact that common public was not aware of it.This knowledge had been around since centuries and was available to all civilizations. But unfortunately many civilizations either failed to preserve it or kept it hidden so that it does not reach to the masses. We will not go deep into what happened in the past. That we will take in some other post.

Use the above law of attraction tips to your advantage!

To get more detailed understanding of law of attraction you can read law of attraction post made by my friend Viktor.

Armed with the knowledge of vibrational universe and power of our thoughts,feelings and emotions we can now dive into few daily tasks to make above mentioned law of attraction tips work for you.

How to use the law of attraction :

Morning Ritual

As soon as you wake up in the morning consciously decide to feel good. When you wake up you are in a sort of neutral state. For few moments in the morning you are not thinking anything. You can choose what you think and how you feel first thing in the morning.  Just as you wake, before you start worrying about the day ahead consciously choose to feel even if it might last for few seconds. By doing this you are raising your vibration and setting a good feeling tone for the rest of the day. Initially, you might not be able to sustain this good feeling for long periods but by practise this will become a second nature to you. You can repeat following sentences to boost up your vibrations. Make sure you supercharge below sentences with emotions.

  • I am grateful for this wonderful day.
  • Today is going to be a great day.
  • I am really excited for the wonderful day ahead.(feel the excitement while you say this)
  • I choose to think only positive thoughts today.
  • I know my thoughts and feelings create my reality so I decide to feel good today.
  • Feeling good is my top priority today.
  • I choose to meet all the challenges of the day with a positive attitude.
  • I choose to feel grateful throughout the day.
  • I welcome all the gifts this day has in store for me(Say this sentence with a excitement like a child and really feel in your heart that today is going to be full of unexpected gifts big and small.)
  • And at the end say this out loud “I LOVE MY LIFE”.
  • Leave your bed now with a positive feelings.

Midday Ritual

Once you are half way through you day it is a good practise to take 10-15 minutes of time out and reaffirm your positive statements. Most of us are in a day job and our vibrations generally take a dip till we reach the mid of the day. It really becomes important to catch yourself when you vibrations are going down. Find a quiet place at your workplace where you wont be disturbed for 10 -15 mins. Start saying below statements to yourself. You can say them in your head or you could also whisper.

  • This day is going great(feel the excitement)
  • Even though few of the tasks seem challenging I choose to face them with a positive attitude.(You might be in the middle of a tense situation or might have to deal with a difficult boss, still while saying this feel the positive energy within you)
  • All that matters is how I feel and I choose to feel good about this day.
  • I choose to feel good about the people around me.
  • I know feeing good is important and my feelings create my reality so I give importance to my feelings and emotions. Rest will take care of itself.
  • I am grateful for the day till now and choose to feel grateful for the rest of the day as well.
  • I am happy.
  • I am grateful for the job I am doing(You might be in a day job or might work from home or a housewife you can always find few positive aspects about your work. Affirm the positives about your job/work and be grateful for it)
  • Once you feel a surge of positive feeling inside, you can continue with your routine.

Night Ritual

The moment before you go to sleep is really important. When you sleep you are one with consciousness. Your rationale mind which  might become barrier to your manifestations is asleep. You become pure consciousness. You must learn how to take full advantage of the time just before sleep.  The night ritual is the most crucial in your journey in learning how to use the law of attraction for improving your life. I personally feel that while affirmations are good for your morning and midday ritual, the night ritual is little different. So here we go.

  • When you lay down on your bed start to feel relaxed.
  • Take some deep breaths and feel the flow of air through your body.
  • Do this till your mind and body is completely relaxed. By relaxed I mean you should try to reach a state where you are neither worrying about tomorrow nor thinking about the day that just got over.
  • Once you reach this peaceful state start to visualize your ideal life as if it is true. For e.g. if you want financial independence start to visualize how would you behave if you were financially independent.
  • Visualize in first person i.e. you should not be a third person seeing yourself. You should be the first person. Talk in your imagination to your friend the things as if you were financially independent. For e.g say to your friend “Hey , I have bought this wonderful home and would like you to come and visit.”
  • When you are visualizing this also visualize your friend’s reaction to your statements. Imagine how they will react when you make such statements. for e.g. your friend might say “How did you manage to buy such home?From where you got the money?” . Your answer can be “I have my finances backed up and have no worries about money”.
  • When you are making such statement feel  that emotion of financial independence as if it is happening in real time.
  • Feel as much as possible the feeling of having your finances backed up.
  • Once you have done the above exercise just try to drift into sleep with that feeling still alive within you.

What you are doing in the above exercise is that you are changing your vibrations in the present moment. You are using your remote of thoughts, feelings and emotions to change the channel of your universe. You are tuning into the frequency of financial independence. When you do this type of exercise daily you will start getting hunches and ideas on how to achieve financial independence. You might read some ideas in magazine or on the net. Your friend or family might suggest something. You might stumble upon a book which teaches how to gain financial independence.

When you drift into sleep with the feeling of what you want as if it has already happened your sub conscious mind immediately begins to work to find ways and means to convert your feelings into reality. The sub conscious mind and its working will be a part of another post but for now just do the exercises as I discussed above. The night ritual is the most crucial of all the law of attraction tips mentioned above.Make sure you practice this properly.

Above are few of the law of attraction tips you could put into daily practice. I learned the night ritual by reading one of most famous Law Of Attraction teacher named Neville Goddard. Click here to learn more about his book.

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