Law of Attraction Affirmations

law of attraction affirmations


Law Of Attraction Affirmations are positive statements that you say to yourself in order to get into the feeling place of your desires manifested. Positive statements repeated in present tense and charged with feelings helps you to change your vibrations very quickly. It is not just some fluffy in the air concept as many believe. There is science behind law of attraction affirmations which explains why it works.

Law Of Attraction Affirmations Works!

The Science : Our brain is made up of millions of neurons which stores our memories and past events. The brain also stores all the feelings associated with past events. If you fell in love and went through nasty breakup then your brain will associate love with heart break and all the bad feelings that came with it. You will always be sceptical about the next relationships because the moment you think about romantic relationships your neurons fire and bring the past memories and emotions back. You cannot go back and change the past. Luckily, you can alter the way your brain responds to new events in life. Researches have shown that repeating positive statements mixed with emotions is one of the ways to slowly rewire your brain. You can unlearn the past responses and create new ones. A negative attitude towards romantic relations due to past experiences can be slowly transformed into more positive one by repeating positive statements charged with feelings to oneself .

The Subconscious Mind : The subconscious mind is what drives our beliefs and attitude towards life. It is like a tape recorder which has recorded all our past emotions,feelings and attitudes towards life. The subconscious mind doesn’t know the difference between good or bad. Just like a tape recorder it records everything. When we encounter situations from our past the subconscious mind goes back to the tape and searches for similar events and what or how we responded to it.As per the past memory we again respond to that event just like we responded in the past be it positive or negative. Law of attraction affirmations can help to erase the unwanted recordings from the tape and record new ones. By repeating positive statements in present tense we can influence our subconscious mind.

Law Of Attraction: The reason I call it law of attraction affirmations and not just affirmations because affirmations fit perfectly with the concept of law of attraction. As we know law of attraction means like attracts like. Our thoughts and feelings decide what experiences we have in life. Have you ever had the experience of getting a call from a friend or bumping into one just when you were thinking about them or your friend just bought a new car and you started to somewhat like that car and then you started to see that same model everywhere on the road.  This is law of attraction at work! With the help of affirmations you can consciously start attracting things that you want out of your life. By repeating positive statements in present tense and fuelling it with emotions you can reach the vibrations where in you feel the things you want to manifest has already happened or happening. The universe responds to your vibrations and start throwing things at you which matches your vibrations.

Law of Attraction Affirmations Statements

I have listed down below statements you can use as affirmations. Of course these are just examples and you can add to the list or make your own affirmations.

Law Of Attraction Money Affirmations: Following are few law of attraction affirmations for money.

law of attraction affirmations


  1. The Universe is my source of abundance and prosperity.
  2. Abundance flows to me from all avenues possible,money being one of them.
  3. I enjoy prosperity.
  4. Money finds its way to me easily and effortlessly.
  5. I can earn money doing things I enjoy.
  6. I love buying things I enjoy and universe supports me in all my expenditures.
  7. In order for me to become rich no one else has to get poor.
  8. There is enough abundance for every person on this earth.
  9. I do not have to compromise my integrity because there is more than enough for everyone.
  10. I love money!

Here is wonderful post made by my friend Viktor about law of attraction and money.

Law Of Attraction Love Affirmations: Following are few law of attraction affirmations for love.



  1. I love myself!
  2. I do not need another individual to complete me but some one with whom I can share my completeness.
  3. I am complete in myself.
  4. My happiness is not dependent on my partner(Point 4,5 and 6 if you are already in a relationship)
  5. I enjoy the company of my partner and accept him as he is.
  6. I do not expect him to change so that I can be happy.I am happy all by myself.
  7. I have an absolute belief that universe is lining up the perfect match for me.(Point 7,8 and 9 if you are looking for a relationship)
  8. He is also complete in himself and we both will share our completeness.
  9. I can feel it coming. Love is in the air and I can feel it knocking at my doorsteps.
  10. Relationship is meant to make me powerful and not powerless. A relationship that makes me weak and unhappy doesn’t deserve my time time and energy.

Law of Attraction Health Affirmations:Following are few law of attraction affirmations for health and well being.



  1. I have a healthy body.
  2. The cells of my body are intelligent enough to heal themselves.
  3. All I have to do is to feed myself with what truly feels good.
  4. I know that addictions and alcohol just provide temporary highs so I keep myself away from all types of addictions and focus on food that naturally makes me feel good.
  5. I love and respect my body. It is a vehicle provided by God/Universe for my journey on this planet.
  6. I take care of my body just like my any other precious possession.
  7. My body talks to me through the language of pain. Whenever I feel pain I know I am doing something wrong to my body. I also feel happy that my body is alive enough to communicate to me.
  8. Pain is an indication that I need to change something and get back to normal. I take appropriate measures to make sure my body gets back to normal.
  9. No matter what my present bodily condition is, my body is intelligent enough to be normal again.
  10. I feed my body with good feelings and thoughts. My body responds to my good feelings and heals itself.

The above law of attraction affirmations is of course not an exhaustive list. I have just provided a skeleton of affirmations for three major areas of our life i.e. health,wealth and relationships which you can build upon.Do share your thoughts on the law of attraction affirmations in the comment section below.

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