Law Of Attraction and Action

Many misinterpret that law of attraction to have nothing to do with action. They are under impression that by just doing visualization and affirmations sitting on the couch things will manifest out of thin air. Well as per my experience and those of millions in the world that scenario is a rarity. May be it is possible to manifest things out of thin air but almost none of us have that belief and our belief system is one of important pillars when it comes to law of attraction.

Action is very important aspect when it comes to law of attraction. The thing to keep in mind is that actions should be taken from a place of positivity and love. Any action taken out of desperation always backfires. Action taken from a negative mindset means you are operating from a place of lack and the universe like a loyal servant throws circumstances at you which further increase the lack.

Often time negative action is a result of some event in our life which we think of as negative (though in reality it might be a boon in disguise). For the sake of example let’s consider a situation of breakup. Someone who goes through a breakup has two choices. Either become miserable and desperate and try to attract back the person in their life using any means possible. Everyone is aware that this behavior is a big turn off and it results is pushing the other person even farther. The other choice can be to mourn for some time and then pick oneself up and start working on improving one self and move forward.

As you can see one circumstance can lead to two different types of actions. It requires no genius to guess which action will be fruitful in long run. Of course the second one, where in one decides to bring positive change in one’s life as a result of a seemingly negative situation.

So desperation and negativity leads to negative action. If you have listened to Abraham Hicks you must have come across the term inspired action. Inspired action is something which you feel as next logical step. When you are inspired you take action which feels natural to you. You do not question the step you are about to take. You might not even consult any one or take anyone’s advice while doing it. You just feel like doing it. This is when your action brings positive results with minimum amount of forced effort. Pay attention to the word “forced” in previous sentence. This is also where many people get confused when it comes to action in relation to law of attraction.

There are two types of effort. One is where you do not feel that you are using will power and trying to accomplice something by force. This effort comes in the category of inspired action. When you keep doing law of attraction exercises such as visualization and affirmations and keep your vibrations up most of the times, the inspiration which you receive for doing something is called inspired action. In this situation you will be taking maximum leverage of your action i.e. less effort and more output. You are leveraging the power of universe. It is like you are lifting a very heavy weight using a lever. When you use a lever the effort which is applied becomes very less and you can lift heavy mass.

The other type of action is wherein you are using will power to accomplice something. This comes under the category of forced effort.  You are not inspired to do it but just out of sheer desperation you want to do something. A typical example is gym. Most people join gym out of desperation. They want to lose weight or get a good looking body. But how many continue going to gym for more than 2 weeks, 3 weeks or a month. The answer is very small percentage. Most people are not at all inspired to go to gym. They join for reasons such as social pressures of looking good, burning that belly fat, for an upcoming marriage or may be out of boredom. If you look at those who do regular exercise and talk to them you will find out that they are operating from altogether a different mindset. Their motivation not just to look good but to feel good in their body.

Feeling good in one’s body is much better inspiration than social pressure.

So how do you get to the point where you start getting inspiration for action? The answer is by keeping your vibrations up as much as possible and for as long as possible. When you keep doing law of attraction exercises and maintain your momentum of good feelings slowly you start getting inspirations to act. This inspiration can be in a form of hunch or a strong urge to do something. You will not feel like forcing yourself to take action. The action will come naturally. Your job is to just maintain the momentum of good feelings.

Abraham Hicks recommend an exercise of saying to yourself “Wouldn’t it be nice if ……… “ . Fill the blank space with what you desire and just feel that you have accomplished it. Start to feel the way you would feel had your desire already manifested. “Wouldn’t it be nice if I have all the money needed to support me”. “Wouldn’t it be nice if I do not have to go to work every day and still be supported”. When you start saying to yourself these words you start to raise your vibrations. You start to get into the feeling place of your desires manifested. The universe like a loyal servant starts to throw events and circumstances at you which will move you closer to your goal.

So action is important aspect of law of attraction. Whoever says that you can attract all the things in life without action is fooling you. You just need to be clear about whether your action is inspired or not. You can easily tell the difference by the way you feel while taking action. If it feels good and natural then you are getting inspiration. If you feel like using will power and forcing yourself then be alarmed that the results are not going to be great by taking that action.

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