Law Of Attraction Mistakes – Desire From A Place Of Lack

This post is in continuation to the post top mistakes people make while applying the law of attraction. Most of us,in fact all of us, are using law of attraction to manifest something which we do not currently have in our life. It can be money,relationships or health. While the law of attraction promises that we can have anything we want, there is something important which we should bear in mind while trying to deliberately create our reality. Any law of attraction exercises such as visualization,affirmations,vision boards etc which is done from the place of lack will potentially fail to bring desired result!

The unfortunate story for most of us is that we start looking to improve our life when we realize that life is not going as expected. Events such as loss of relationship, financial loss and illness triggers us to look for ways and means to get our life back on track. Often times people looking to improve their situations are either in a state of panic or in a negative mindset.They have negative vibrations all over them. They start searching for books or teachers who could help them get them out of their misery.Then suddenly they happen to watch movie such as The Secret or read a similar book which describes mind power and our ability to create our own reality through thoughts and feelings. They see a guy sitting on a couch and visualizing his dream car and after few days the car magically appears at his doorsteps.

The ability to create our reality looks so easy and fascinating that people start to try all the tips and techniques described in the movie or the book but unfortunately they are still in that negative mindset and panic state as a result of the set back they had received just now in life. They do their visualizations and affirmations sessions diligently but after that they go back to their discussions about how unfair life is, they do not like their present situation, they want to fix their relationship, their job sucks and they want to change it, they do not ever have enough money and so on. And since there are so many things not working in their life they would sit and visualize and fix all of that!

What you need to understand here is while you think you are doing everything right as per the movie or the book, you are still coming from a place of lack. You have too much awareness of what is all wrong in your life and as such you have negative vibrations all over. The universe does not has a mind of its own. The universe doesn’t know how screwed up your life is and you are trying to apply law of attraction to improve your situation. It only understand and responds to your vibrations. So while you apply the teachings but if you are too much caught up with what is all wrong with your life your vibrations are muddled up. You are sending all mixed signals to the universe. You might visualize for 15 minutes and then again get caught with everything that is wrong and go back to negative mindset.You might even think that you are visualizing correctly but in truth you know at the back of your head that you are trying to fix something that is broken. You visualize money but you are very much aware that you do not have enough money in your bank account. You visualize a partner but end up finally feeling that you are still alone.In all such cases you are sending signal of lack to the universe and you get more of lack.So what is the solution for this problem.

Accepting Your Current Reality: Before you embark on your journey of applying law of attraction you must learn to accept your current reality no matter how screwed it is. Stop thinking and talking about your current life as a problem or something which is broken and should be fixed. Never attempt to do any of law of attraction exercises when you are in a state of frustration. Frustration means you have negative vibrations all over you and doing a technique usually backfires.

Stop Talking About What You Do Not Want: You have to train yourself to stop talking and discussing about things that you do not want. For e.g if you want a rewarding career then talk and think about the things you want in your dream career. Stop complaining about your current career path.When you are too much caught up with what is all wrong with your present all your attempts at law of attraction come place of lack. Following are example of lack

  • I want a new job because I hate my current job.
  • I want a new job because I hate my colleagues.
  • I want a new job because I do not earn enough.
  • I want to get into a relationship because I feel lonely.
  • I want to get in a relationship because all my friends are in relationship except me.
  • I want to get in a relationship because I have been single for too long.
  • I want to be healthy because I am tired of feeling sick.
  • I want to get rid of this back pain.
  • I want to rid of this illness.

It is good to be aware of things which are not working but dwelling on the unwanted so much that you loose sight of what you want is detrimental especially if you think from the perspective of law of attraction. The more you think about the unwanted the more universe throws at you the unwanted. Following, on the other hand, are saying the same statements positively.

  • I want a job or career where I feel joyful and free.
  • I would love to work with like minded people who share same passion as me.
  • I want a career which is financially rewarding.
  • I would love to share my life with a lovely life partner.
  • All my friends are in relationship and happy and seeing them I feel so excited for the perfect love which is yet to come in my life
  • I enjoy my time alone in the anticipation of the wonderful partner that the universe is lining up for me.
  • I feel sick that means my body is trying to convey to me that I am doing something unwanted.
  • It is time that I work towards bringing back my body to its natural state of well being.Lets get some exercise and start maintaining a healthy diet.
  • My illness is a means through which my body gets to its natural state when something goes wrong with it.

You are saying the same thing but feel the emotions and feelings you have when you say it in a positive manner. This small change in your attitude towards a situation can make a huge difference in the reality you manifest. Minor alterations in the way you think about a situation can be a deciding factor whether you can make law of attraction work in your favour.

When you do your visualizations, affirmations, vision boards etc from a feeling set point as described above then you are focussed on the positive end of the scale. You are vibrating positively and all your exercises and techniques will yield results which you want.

Feeling Good:  Before you try any law of attraction exercise make sure you are in a state of feeling good. Feeling good is of paramount importance when it comes to law of attraction. You do not need a reason to feel good. Feeling good is a decision. You have to decide that you want to feel good just for the sake of feeling good and no other reason. When you are feeling good your vibrations are already up and good things are lining up for you. Visualizing while feeling good helps you to focus specifically on what you want. Make sure you visualize things only up to the point where it feels good. When you start feeling uncomfortable or your beliefs start to pop up it is a good practise to stop visualizing and just be in a general state of feeling good. Remember, your objective is to keep your vibrations up. If visualizing something in too much details makes you uneasy , take a step back and stop your session. Do something else and get into a general state of feeling good.

Above are few of tips to help you manifest things faster and easily. We have just started to scratch the surface of law of attraction. We will be discussing may more tips to make law of attraction work for you and also things you should avoid. Share your thoughts in the comment section.

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