Life is not a bed of roses or is it?

We often come across the phrase that Life is not a bed of roses“. People keep saying that life is meant to be hard and full of struggle and we need to prepare ourselves to face the hardships of life. I would say that there is some truth to this statement but it is not 100% correct. Yes, we face challenges in our life. There are times that we are frustrated and unable to find our way out but the phrase “Life is not a bed of roses” is a relative term.

life is not a bed of roses

Why “Life is not a bed of roses” is a relative term:

Let us take an example of someone who is in 9-5 job. Lets call her Miss A.Miss A earns good money and can support herself well, save a little each month and send few bucks to her loved ones such parents etc. But unfortunately she is totally unsatisfied with his job. She hates her job and feels like crap each day she wakes up to go to office. She would do anything to leave that place but the only thing which makes her stay at her job is the money. If you talk to Miss A she would say that “Life is not a bed of roses“. I am totally unsatisfied with my job and it is really difficult to work in this environment. I do not understand why life is doing this to me.

life is not a bed of roses

Miss A at her work!

Now imagine there is another person who earns very little. Lets call her Miss B.She may or may not be satisfied with her job but she desperately wants to increase her income. She is living hand to mouth and have no savings and is constantly in debt.For Miss B also “Life is not a bed of roses”. Now suppose Miss B is offered the job of Miss A. She would be given same responsibilities as Miss A and same payroll as well. What would Miss B’s reaction like? Will it be the one shown below. I bet yes.

life is not a bed of roses

Miss B gets a new job!

Miss B got what she desperately wanted. She got the salary she was looking for. Miss B will happily take up the job profile even though Miss A hated it. Even if the profile has some crappy responsibilities still Miss B would be ready to put up with. She would be happy in that position. For Miss B “Life has become a bed of roses”. Now she can save some money each month and comfortably support herself. May be in future she might be get bored and dissatisfied like Miss A but at present she has what she was seeking so desperately.

So you can see that same situation is perceived entirely different by two persons. For Miss A the job is more like a nightmare but for Miss B the same situation is a gift.

Take Away

Having understood that you might not be 100 % correct when you say “Life is not a bed of roses” you can start to view situations differently. If you are in the midst of negative circumstance and feeling frustrated, depressed and angry with life, pause for a moment and understand that there are millions of people who would die to exchange places with you.

If you are having sleepless nights thinking about the crappy job you have to go to the next day, just remember that there are people who are unable to sleep because they do not have a job.

If you are depressed because you had a breakup just remember that there are millions who lost their loved ones.

If you worry about your mortgage, just remember that there are millions who do not have a roof above their head.

Life is not a bed of roses but how to make it one

Thinking about people who are in worse situation than us can make us feel better but that doesn’t improve our situation , does it? Yes, there are millions who would like to exchange places with you but how does that improve your situation? The answer lies in one word “Gratitude”.

life is not a bed of roses


“If the only prayer you said was thank you, that would be enough.” – Meister Eckhart

Being grateful for one’s life situations even if they are not ideal ones puts you out of lack mentality. You are not thinking about your life from a place of lack. You are not vibrating lack. The universe responds to vibrations. When you do not emit vibrations of lack but are feeling grateful for the things you already have , the universe starts to throw people and circumstances at you which makes you feel even more grateful about your life.

If you are grateful that you have a job which supports you, even though it might not be as per your liking, you are opening the doors for better career opportunities. If you complain and whine about your current job then even after switching your job you will find people and situations to complain about. You carry your vibrations wherever your go and hence you always encounter situations which conforms your vibrations and then we can hear you say that “Life is not a bed of roses”.

Your bed has both the roses and thorns. Which one will you choose?

Whatever you give your attention to will grow. This is one of the basic premise of the law of attraction. Are you giving your attention to roses or thorns? Are you in the habit of dissecting your life and figuring out what all is wrong and then shouting at the top of your voice how miserable you are or are you thankful for all the good things in your life and acknowledge what is wrong and strive towards improving the unwanted aspects? The answer to above question will decide whether your life is bed of roses or thorns.

You need to stop complaining about all things which are not working and start being grateful for what is working. Instead of “Life is not a bed of roses” your mantra should “May be life is not a bed of roses but who cares”. Nothing is perfect and can never be. It is just you perception of things which makes a situation perfect or not so perfect.

Life will never be perfect

You should realize that you life is never going to be perfect. No one’s life is perfect. You might see some people living your dream life. They might have all the luxuries you could dream of. You might be envious of them. But understand that you are just seeing the periphery of their life. You are not really aware what problems or issues they might be having in their life despite all the luxuries. Unless and util they are someone really close to you, it is very less likely that they are going to share their problems with you. Even very close friends avoid sharing personal problems. No one wants their personal problems to be discussed publicly.

People share happy family photos and statues on facebook. Have you seen someone sharing personal worries and problems on facebook. Have you even seen someone writing “Feeling depressed, had a fight with my wife” or “Please help! I am low on money”.

Your life will never be perfect. There always be something to worry about, something to get depressed over, something to be annoyed at. Do you want to spend your whole life worrying , feeling depressed and getting angry and repeating that “Life is not a bed of roses”.

life is not a bed of roses

You did this to me!

You might come across situations where you feel you have no control over the situation or the people. What can you do about it.?How many times you will try to control other people or influence them to behave as per your liking?There will so many people coming into and going out of your life. By trying to change someone all you will be doing is wasting your precious energy and get nothing out of it.

Contrast is a necessity

Abraham Hicks in her channeling session likes to use the word contrast instead of the word problems(Click here to know more about Abraham Hicks). The word “problem” gives an impression of something unwanted, something that is not supposed to exist. On the other hand the word
“contrast” implies something that is a necessity. Something that makes life more colorful.

In fact the word contrast is actually used for television sets. If you increase the contrast the picture becomes more clear and colorful. Life is incomplete without problems to solve. Life is incomplete without bad times. You have to have few bad experiences in order to fully understand how good times feel. There has to be a reference point to measure your good feelings.

If you only experience good times then against what will you measure the goodness. If you have had a bad feeling only then when you feel good , you can say that this feels good and that felt bad. This is how the creator created us . He created a world of polarity. This polarity exist in each and every particle of life. Day and night, high and low tide, black and white, yin and yang, light and darkness, electron and proton, plus and minus , why not good and bad times then. If “life is not a bed of roses” is true then “life is not a bed of thorns” is equally true as well.

Let bad experiences do not discourage you from living your life to the fullest. They are part and parcel of human experience and cannot be avoided. They can never deter you from path completely. You will always find a way to bounce back.

Do you still think that “Life is not a bed of roses”. Share your views and experiences in the comments sections.

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