Neville Goddard Success Story – Straight from His Follower

Neville Goddard is regarded as one of the most advanced teacher when it comes to Law Of Attraction. He recorded numerous tapes and wrote volumes of books on the use of imagination in order to manifest what you want. (Click here to read some of his books for free).

While browsing through youtube for his teachings I found quite interesting video about a man EO Locker Jr. who claims to have met Neville in person and who applied his teachings in order to manifest the life of his dreams. Below is the video of this man. Have a look and have fun. (Disclaimer: I do not own this material and all credit goes to the original uploader 🙂 )

Below is another one

I was little sceptical about this video but after listening to this gentleman I felt the truthfulness and conviction in his voice. The way he described Neville’s teachings and how he applied it just feels amazing. This has given me more confidence in Law Of Attraction. I would love to hear your opinions and comments on this video. Do share in comment section.

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