Passion is the Divine Trying to Express Itself

One of the important concept I learnt on my path of self development is that we all are part of the same source energy. We know this source energy by different names such as God or Universe or the Divine. God or Universe is nothing but pure energy. God in order to experience Himself physically divided Himself into physical beings and in the process gave us the same power to create as Himself. We are created in the image of God.

God wants to experience the physical life. He can do this only through the living beings which includes us as well. There are literally millions of experiences one could have in his / her lifetime. Not all are guided to have the same experience. You must have felt several times an inner urge to do something creative. You don’t know why you want to do it. No one forces you to do it. No one might be even paying you to do it. But you do it nevertheless. You feel good while you do it. That inner urge is what we call passion or a hobby. It is nothing but the Divine trying to experience the physical realm through you. The Divine wants to have the experience of playing a piano, drawing a painting, chiselling a sculpture, climbing a mountain. Why does He wants that experience? Simply because it is He who created everything and He has no other means to experience them all other than through us. As a matter of fact he created the physical realm in order to experience it.

You will often hear a debate whether or not you can make a living by following your passion. Will you be supported if you start to just follow your passion instead of conventional route of a secure job no matter how life sucking it may be. After reading so many books on spirituality and self help I firmly believe that yes you will be supported if you start doing what feels good to you.  Think about it in this way. If God or Source is all powerful and can do anything why would He not support you in doing something which He Himself wants to experience. You bet He will. He will support you to carry out doing what makes you feel good.

I understand that it is really intimidating to step out of the crowd and start following your passion. This is because our belief system is so. Very few people are lucky enough to have been brought up with a belief that they can thrive by doing just what feels good. Someone who has a belief that a secure job is better than anything else will find it really difficult to accept the idea of following his passion no matter how attractive and liberating it might appear. That is why it becomes important to understand what your beliefs are. It is also important to have the awareness that not all your beliefs are helping you to live your life fully. You must first have an awareness that something is not correct in order for you to take some steps to correct it.

While we are not going to discuss at length on how to change your belief in this post, it is worthwhile to understand that your inner urges for creativity is the Divine trying to express Himself through you and it will support you so that you can continue doing so. This understanding should ease you out a little bit when it comes to following your passion. Armed with this knowledge you can start at least thinking in the direction of following your passion in order to support yourself. Imagine a life where you have freedom to do what you feel inspired to do every day when you wake up. You do not have to dread waking up in the morning and going to work. You can take a holiday trip whenever you want. You do not have to apply for leave. You do not have to take permission from your boss.  Who wouldn’t want such life?  You can have such a life only when you are your own boss and are engaged in doing what you love to do.

So accept the fact that you can follow your passion and be fully supported at the same time. There is no reason in the world why it is not possible except the reasons you define. We will discuss how to break the barriers of belief in later posts. Till then would love to hear your comments. Do share your thoughts about following one’s passion in the comments section below.

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