Kick-Ass Scientific Proofs to The Law of Attraction

In today’s post we will see science’s take on the law of attraction. When it comes to law of attraction the world seems to have been divided into two. One who believe in law of attraction and the other who don’t.

The reasoning mind of who don’t believe in law of attraction often debate that there is no scientific proof of law of attraction. Though there might not be a documented case(or there might be , I am not really aware) of a person sitting on the couch and visualizing and then subsequently manifestation happening, science has already proven that consciousness alters reality.Below are few of the many researches,experiments and incidents which proves this fact.

The double slit experiment : One of most famous or rather infamous experiment was the double slit experiment. The scientists found out that the way a electron behaves gets altered by the way it is being observed i.e. consciousness altering the reality because the reality at the atomic level is made of electrons,protons and neutrons.It is said that this experiment is what gave rise to quantum physics.

Below is the video demonstration of the experiment.

There is also an explanation of the double slit experiment as shown below.

Dr Gregg Braden : Gregg Braden has done extensive research and come up with scientifically proven data which proves that consciousness in fact alters reality. He is “The Man” when it comes to scientifically prove the law of attraction.One of his concepts is that the universe is like a hologram.In a hologram, every piece of something mirrors the entire something. He refers to an experiment where two particles of photons were separated by 14 miles. When one photon had an experience the other acted like as if it had the same experience. He goes on to prove that everything in this world is connected and is part of a “field”. The field is something which is invisible to naked eyes but is what fills in the gap or what we refer to as space.

As per Dr Braden our heart has the power to influence this field. So when we feel some emotion in our heart this in turn affects “the field” of which everything is a part. Since the universe is like a hologram and we make change in “the field” through our emotions, the whole of universe starts to reflect that change because of its holographic property. And this exactly what law of attraction is all about.

Dr Braden has also revealed how to pray effectively.He tells how one of his native american friend asked him to accompany him to go pray rain. Gregg Braden went with him and they both hiked a mountain. There his friend took off his shoes and stood for a minute and then said he was done with the prayer. When Dr Gregg asked him what he actually did , his friend said that he imagined and felt what it would be like to put his toes in the mud after so much rain in his village. He was actually using the visualization techniques which is one of the tools of law of attraction.

I would strongly suggest that you check out Dr Gregg Braden’s work here

Bladder Cancer dissolved in less than 3 minutes : In Beijing, China there is a medicine less hospital.A woman was diagnosed with a 3 inch diameter cancer in her bladder. The doctors said they could do nothing. She went for treatment in that medicine less hospital. During her treatment there were three trained practitioners who felt precisely the feeling as if the woman is already healed. They created in themselves the feeling that the woman is already healed. Watch below to find out what happened.

What you are seeing above is inside of the woman. There are two images. The left image is before the healing and the right image is the real time image while the healing is happening. During the process of healing the practitioners chant a word which is indicative of the fact the woman is already healed. The tumour disappears in less than 3 minutes!!

So what does the above experiment proves. It proves the power of emotions. Note that this is a documented case and there is no denying to it.The practitioners were able to change the physical condition of another human being by using their own emotions and feelings.This clearly proves the power of emotions.

Anita Moorjani’s Near Death Experience: Anita Moorjani, in 2006, after suffering from cancer for almost 4 years, went into coma.She claimed to have experienced what is called as the NDE(Near Death Experience) i.e. she crossed over to the other realm and then came back to physical realm.

After the NDE her body miraculously healed from the end stage cancer and within matter of few months she was completely cancer free. She described what she experienced in the other realm in her book “Dying to be Me”. You can read the book here.

As per her, in the other realm all things existed simultaneously, the past , the future and the present. All she could feel was pure and unconditional love in that realm. She could hear the conversations between the doctors and her husband who were 40 feet away which she confirmed with her husband after the NDE.

During her NDE she realized  the cause of her cancer. Any illness starts at an energetic level before it becomes physical. Treatments just release the symptoms from the physical body but not from the body energy hence the disease comes back.

She had the choice to either come back or choose death. Doctors had taken tests for her organ functions and the results were not yet out. She knew that if she came back , it would be with a very healthy energy (without cancer) and her tests result would show that her organs were functioning properly and soon her body would catch up and become healthy. If she chose to die then her tests results would show organ failure as the cause of her death. In short , she could change the outcome of her lab results by her choice.

Reading her book gave me a sense of relief because it clearly proves the concept of consciousness and oneness. Her experience proves the core concepts of law of attraction. Some of the life lessons by Anita Moorjani are as below:

  1. The only purpose of life is to be ourself, live the truth and be the love that we are.
  2. The external world is only a reflection of what is inside of us.
  3. Whatever you believe you will find that you are correct.The universe has a way of presenting to you exactly what you believe.
  4. We are all one, we are love at our core, we are magnificent.

Dr Masaru Emoto’s Research: Dr Masaru Emoto was a Japanese researcher who proved through various experiments that human consciousness has effect on molecular structure of water.He took various samples of water and then focussed different words and emotions on them. The results were miraculous. The water sample which was treated with positive words turned into far more symmetrical and aesthetic structure than the ones that were treated with negative words and intention.Below is the pictorial demonstration of what happened when different wording were applied to them.

law of attraction

Water Before Prayer

law of attraction

Water After Prayer







You me sick.I ll Kill you!

You make me sick.I ll Kill you!

law of attraction

Adolf Hitler







law of attraction

Love And Appreciation

law of attraction

Thank You!






As it is evident from above that the words are having direct impact upon the physiology of water. My inquisitive mind tells me that water don’t understand words so what is it that they are responding to. An intelligent guess would be the feelings and emotions. Even though the words representing the emotions of gratitude and love is different in different languages but the emotion for these words is same everywhere. So no matter what language you speak to the water samples,they have the same response. That proves that the water molecules are responding to emotions and feelings which in turn is a proof that our feelings can effect the physical world.

The same experiment was repeated with jars of cooked rice as well and the results once again were same. The jar which was directed with positive emotions turned out to be more clean and lot whiter than the one which was targeted with negative emotions.

Mirror neurons : A group of scientists in 1980s-1990s discovered what is called as mirror neurons in monkeys. These set of neurons can mirror the behaviour of someone or something being observed. A mirror neurons which fires when a monkey rips a piece of paper  would also fire when a monkey sees a person rip a paper or hears a paper ripping.

Similar set of mirror neurons have been discovered in humans as well. When we see someone doing something same set of mirror neurons are fired, had we ourselves were doing the same thing. So either we are doing something such as eating or observing a person eat, in both the cases same set of mirror neurons are fired. So when we act we cause similar brain patterns in other person’s as well. Our actions are a result of our thoughts. So indirectly our thoughts affects other person’s thoughts as well.

The basic idea is that we are all connected and are part of the same source energy. How we feel and act also affects how other people feel as well.

“The Science Behind the Secret: Decoding the Law of Attraction” By Travis S. Taylor, Ph.D: Dr Travis S. Taylor ,doctorate in optical science and engineering, a master’s degree in physics, a master’s degree in aerospace engineering, a master’s degree in astronomy, and a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering, published his book that explains the science behind the law of attraction.

According to Dr Taylor you can create a new reality by imagining it is already fulfilled which seconds what Neville Goddard taught. Check out Dr. Taylor’s work here.

John Archibald Wheeler’s Study: John Wheeler was a noted American theoretical physicist who’s research was based on the idea that we contribute to the ongoing process of creation in this universe. We not only affect our present and future but our past as well. This goes hand in hand with what Bashar says. “Present is not the result of the past. When we change our present we change our past as well.” You can read John Wheeler’s work here.

Are you aware of any more research or demonstrations which supports the concept that consciousness creates reality. If yes , do share in the comments section.

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