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The subconscious mind power is one the most discussed topic when it comes self development. Our mind has two parts, one is the rational and thinking part which is the conscious mind. The other part is the subconscious mind which is a silent partner of the rational mind and is responsible for our automatic behaviours, vital body functions and store house of our beliefs.

Understanding subconscious mind can hep you break self sabotaging patterns, remove unwanted old habits, installing a new habit, expanding your comfort zone. The subconscious mind power can help you do things which you always have been wanting to do but cannot understand what was holding you back.

How the Subconscious Mind Works – Understanding Subconscious Mind Power

subconscious mind power

The Subconscious Mind

The sub conscious mind is like a computer having many programs. How does a computer program works? Well, you write a piece of code in some programming language. The program is designed to perform some specific task. It takes inputs and gives output as per the logic written in the code.

If a program is designed to add two numbers then it will always produce the output as the sum of two numbers which have been given as input. It will not perform multiplication or division of two numbers.

The subconscious has somewhat similar working mechanism. As we grow up many programs, just like a computer program, get written in our subconscious mind. These programs come from our parents,teachers and society.

Unfortunately, most of these programs are negatively coded i.e. the logic of the code produces negative outcome in our life. The subconscious mind power is so strong that these programs remain in our memory till we take some steps to change the logic. These programs are nothing but what we call as “beliefs”.

A typical example of money coding :

subconscious mind power

I Want Money

As a child grows up he is bombarded with many concepts when it comes to becoming rich. So in this case the input to the program is “being rich”. The logic of the program is what our parents and society teach us regarding “being rich”.Below are few lines which become part of money code.

Money is the root of all evil.

People who are rich are involved in some illegal means to acquire riches.

Rich people are selfish, greedy,self centred,manipulative.

Rich people accumulated money by taking advantage of others.

The child is already encoded for above statements that he should not become the person described above. So this results in creating an output for money coding that he should not become rich. It is like, based on output of one program , a second program got created.

What is amazing about subconscious mind power is that the child is not even aware that he got a program running inside of him which will stop him from becoming rich. As he grows up he might want to become rich but wonders why he is not able to do so. It is because he has got a program inside of him, of which he is not aware, and which sabotages all his efforts to become rich.

Another example of subconscious mind power is the skill to drive. An experienced driver never consciously thinks about each and every steps needed to drive a car. While driving, his conscious mind might be thinking about the meeting in the office or he might be having a serious discussion with the person sitting beside him, still he is able to drive across crowded streets with ease.

If the conscious mind is not focussed on driving then who is actually driving the car. It is the subconscious mind who is actually in control of the steering wheel.

Subconscious mind also controls all our vital bodily functions such as heart beat,digestion,reproduction etc. We do not have to consciously give command to digest the food we eat. We have built in programs which perform all our physical functions without interference of conscious mind.

The subconscious mind power is so strong that our conscious mind cannot over ride the bodily functions.

How Long Does It Take To Program The Subconscious Mind – Using Subconscious Mind Power

The subconscious mind differs from the computer program when it comes to time taken for the program to start producing results. While a computer program starts to produce output as soon as the program is complete, this is not the case with subconscious mind.

Subconscious mind works on the principle of repetition or conditioning. It takes consistent repetition of any thought or statement before the subconscious can accept it as a fully functional program or a belief. Once accepted, any time it receives an input to the belief , it will produce the output it is programmed to produce, no exception!

It is the job of conscious mind to filter out the stuff that reaches the subconscious mind.

As a child we are bombarded by new concepts everyday by our parents, teachers and society. Unfortunately, a child doesn’t know that it is up to him what to accept and what not. All the programming, be it good or bad, keeps getting encoded in the child’s subconscious mind.

By the time he develops an awareness that not all things he was taught as a child are correct, his subconscious mind already has hundreds of programs running as a result of years of conditioning. This results in self sabotaging behaviours and he is not even aware that it is happening because of the subconscious mind power.

Subconscious Mind is Impersonal : Just like a computer doesn’t differentiates between a good piece of code from a bad one, our subconscious mind is impersonal and non selective. It accepts whatever conditioning it receives. You can train it to create a fortune or you can train it to loose all of it.So amazing is the subconscious mind power.

How to Reprogram the Subconscious Mind: Armed with the knowledge of subconscious mind power we can take few steps to over ride unwanted programs in the subconscious mind with new programs. Below are few subconscious mind power techniques to install new programs.

1.) Affirmations : While a child is growing up he continuously listens to what his parents and others around are saying. These are mainly verbal statements which slowly start to condition the subconscious mind of a child.

If the people around the child always speak things positively then the subconscious mind of the child develops positive beliefs about life. On the contrary, negative surrounding leads to negative programming.

Affirmations are a great way to slowly condition the negative programming to a positive and to leverage subconscious mind power to our advantage. Affirmations are positive statements said in present tense to oneself. I wrote a detailed post on affirmations in the Law Of Attraction Affirmations.

subconscious mind power


By repeating positive statements we can slowly replace the negative programs with a positive one. So, if we have negative beliefs about money , we can start affirming positive statements about money as below

1. I love money.
2. I enjoy what all stuffs money can buy.
3. Money brings freedom and independence.
4. There are legal ways to earn tons of money.
5. While money can’t buy happiness , it can buy freedom from life sucking job.
6. Money finds its way to me easily.

Similarly, you can create many more statements as per your desire and what you want to manifest. For more examples refer to post Law Of Attraction Affirmations.

2.) Visualization: Subconscious mind responds best to images. When you consciously take out time to visualize your life as you want it to be , the images you conjure in your mind start to reprogram your subconscious mind.

The subconscious mind cannot differentiate between a real life event happening physically and a scene you are visualizing. You can use this subconscious mind power to make radical changes in your life.

When you consciously visualize several times an event exactly the way you want it to be, the subconscious takes it as real. During your visualization you imagine the outcome as you want it to be.

Now , when the event happens in real life , the subconscious mind is ready to produce the output as you had imagined in your visualization. For subconscious mind this real life event is no different to what you had imagined during your visualization sessions.

I had used this technique for my first job interview. I read this technique first time in a wonderful book “New Psycho-Cybernetics” by Maxwell Maltz. You can read about it here.

I made a list of commonly asked job interviews questions about ten days before the interview. Each night I would visualize myself being interviewed. I imagined giving all the answers confidently. While doing the visualization I would feel the confidence in me.

On the day of interview I gave three rounds and, believe me, it went very smooth, considering it was my first interview. I also got selected , though I didn’t join since I had one more offer. That day I realized the importance of subconscious mind power.

Athletes use the technique of visualization for improving their performance in sports. There had been numerous research done which proves the increase in performance of sports persons using subconscious mind power of visualization.

3.) Visualization Before Sleep: Though you can visualize at any point during the day but in order to fully harness the subconscious mind power it is highly recommended to visualize just before you fall asleep.

subconscious mind


When we are about to sleep our mind enters alpha state.

There are three states of our mind namely beta,alpha and theta.

Beta is the state when we are awake and fully alert. Our mind is in beta state when we carry out our daily routines. The mind is highly active in this state.

When we are relaxed and not thinking too much our mind reaches alpha state. This is the state prior to sleep. We can be relaxed as well as conscious at the same time.

In theta state our mind activity is minimal . This is the state when we are asleep or in the dream state.

Beta is not the best state to visualize, since the mind is too distracted and one cannot fully concentrate on visualizing. In theta state one is not conscious enough to conjure images at will. One cannot possibly visualize in theta state as well.

The third state i.e. alpha is the best state to visualize and fully utilize subconscious mind power. In alpha state , we can easily make impressions on subconscious mind. Our mind is not distracted and we can visualize images at will.

These images directly reach subconscious and the subconscious mind not being aware that we are visualizing, takes these images for real life events and starts to reprogram itself.

When you fall asleep with your ideal life as your last image in your mind, the subconscious starts to find ways and means to bring about the manifestation of that image.Sleep is the doorway to subconscious mind.

There is no hindrance from conscious mind when we are asleep. The subconscious works at full potential all night. So make it a habit to fall asleep visualizing your ideal life in mind and fully utilize the subconscious mind power.

4.) Emotional Freedom Technique(EFT) : Backed by many scientific studies and research, EFT or Emotional Freedom Technique has been found to be quite effective in over riding our subconscious programming. It was developed in 1990s by Gary Craig. It has gained popularity recently as one of the most effective energy psychology.

In EFT, you tap with two fingers on various energy points of your body and affirm positive statements at the same time. This helps clear various emotional energy blocks in the body.

According to Bruce Lipton,famous American developmental biologist, EFT is one of the most effective technique to reprogram the subconscious mind. Though EFT pertains to energy psychology, it is primarily a means to alter our self sabotaging behaviours. We are getting rid of the all sorts of negative programming by clearing negative energy from our mind and body.

Describing EFT in detail will make this post too long 🙂 . Before I write a post on EFT, till then you can search youtube videos or simply a google search to find more about this technique.

Above are some of the most famous technique to utilize subconscious mind power in order to increase the quality of life. Incorporate them in your lifestyle slowly and you will see some amazing changes taking place.

Using Subconscious Mind Power to Handle Stressful Situations

We can use the subconscious mind power to our advantage in order to prepare ourselves to handle stressful situations. This involves the power of visualization and subconscious programming.

In this method whenever we find free time and are completely relaxed we start to visualize. We do not visualize this time to manifest anything. We just create one scene in our mind’s eyes which just makes us feel good and relax.

We do this over and over again. By repeating this many times our subconscious mind starts to associate this scene with relaxation and peace of mind.

We are trying to create a program in our subconscious mind whose input as well as output is peace and relaxation.

Now, next time when we encounter any stressful situation instead of reacting negatively, we consciously bring up in our mind the same scene. As soon as we do this, the subconscious executes the program which we had taught it. The output of this program is relaxation and peace of mind.

Doing this helps us relax in stressful situations. The amazing subconscious mind power accelerates the process of relaxation.Try this exercise if you find yourself stressing too often over small things. 

I hope you find the above post helpful and interesting. Do let me know your views about subconscious mind power in the comments section.

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