Telling a New Story

I have come across some wonderful teachers on my journey of self help and development. One of the teachers who had great impact on  me is Esther Hicks who channels source entity called Abraham. Abraham has a got a great sense of humour and talks to people primarily about their common day to day problem. She has a soothing way of approaching people’s problem. Often times she has helped people in distress to raise their vibrations instantaneously just by talking them out of their problem while they were seated in the hot seat. By the way , seated in the hot seat means the one who got chance to discuss their problems with Abraham.

Abraham encourages people to stop talking about “what is” and start to talk about the things as they want it to be. It is called “telling a new story”. What that means is if you want to change your circumstance for good then you have to stop thinking and talking about your present set of conditions and you have start thinking and talking about it the way you want to be. You must learn to turn your attention away from the problem and focus it towards the solution.

If you want to be financially independent but when you look at your bank account and feel bad that you are far from your financial goals,you emit a vibration of lack. You signal to the universe that you do not have what you want and the Universe like a humble servant responds to the vibration of lack and you get more of lack.

Every particle in this universe has two aspects. One is wanted and the other is lack of it. Either you have good health or you have a lack of it. Either you have abundance or you have a lack of it. Either you have wonderful relationships or you have a lack of it. You have to start giving attention to the aspect you want to manifest in your life.

If you current financial situation is not like what you want and you keep talking about it, you keep discussing things such as “I want this but I cannot afford it. I wish I had more money. I see people enjoying things that I want to enjoy. Life is unfair to me” then you are inviting more of lack of money. Your discussions and talks indicates that your are feeling disappointed and frustrated on the subject of money. You are vibrating lack of abundance and so you get more of lack.

You have to start telling a new story. Your new financial story can be something like this.”I know this universe is abundant.I deserve to enjoy all the riches of life.If the universe has caused me to desire something it has the means and ways to help me achieve it. I like the idea that money is easily available to me. The amount of money that flows to me is directly proportional to my attention to abundance. The more good feelings thoughts I have about money, the more money flows in my experience. I do not have to work hard or struggle to have more money. All I have to do is to shift my attention from lack of money to abundance of money”

Once you start to talk yourself out of frustration and disappointment you immediately start to feel good. Remember, you have to first start feeling about a subject in order for it to change. Feeling good is the first manifestation you have about any subject. Once you start to feel good it means you have tipped the scale towards the positive end of the scale.Deliberately, maintain this good feeling state as long as you can. If you fail and start thinking negative there is nothing to worry. You can start again. With practise you will learn to maintain this good feeling for longer durations.

Once you are able to maintain that good feeling for consistent length of time conjure in your mind your ideal lifestyle. Imagine in your minds eye the amount of money you want to see in your bank account every week or month. If you are feeling uncomfortable thinking large sums of money in your bank account that means you believe that it is not possible for you to have that much amount of money. Check which belief is stopping you from imagining large amount of money in your bank account. Do you believe that being rich is evil or you have to work very hard to accumulate that much money or you don’t deserve that much money. Find out what that belief is and simply drop it. Yes! drop it. I know it sounds simple. The fact is it is that simple. Just find out the belief and drop it! Start living that lifestyle in your mind. Feel good that the money you desire is continuously flowing towards you from all avenues. Feel good spending that money for all the luxuries of life. Money is flowing in and out of your life just like the air your breathe.

As Abraham says, you should be picky in your thoughts just like you are when you buy new clothes. When you enter a shop you can choose from large variety of clothings but not all will suite you or make you feel good. You choose the ones which make you feel good and confident. In the same way this universe has all sorts of thoughts to choose from. It is as if you have a large buffet of thoughts at your disposal and you get to choose what you want. You should make it a habit to select only those thoughts that make you feel good.

Once you start thinking and talking about a subject the way you would like it to be only then your situations can change to reflect what you are thinking. Remember the manifestations wont happen instantaneously in most of the cases. But slowly you will start seeing evidences of your changed vibrations about that subject. You have to continue to feel good and positive about a subject consistent enough before you see full blown manifestation. Law of attraction is working at every moment. So every time you go back to thinking about lack you are slowing the process of manifestation. Make it a habit to quickly change your negative thoughts to positive ones and continue thinking good long enough in order for the circumstances to change.

So start telling a new story on every subject that matters to you. Choose only those thoughts out of all available thoughts that make you feel good. Do this with persistence. Do not look immediately for the physical evidences of your changed emotional state. Continue the good feeling trail of thoughts for as long as you can. In fact try to make it a lifelong habit of choosing only good feeling thoughts.

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