The Law Of Attraction

If you have ever been into self help and spirituality I am sure you must have come across the term “The Law Of Attraction“. This term is quite common today in the field of self improvement and spirituality. Put into simple words it means “like attracts like”.If you are in a state of positive feelings and thoughts you will attract events and circumstances that are positive and pleasing and if you are in a negative state of mind then you will attract negative circumstances.

The Law Of Attraction Movie

Although the concept has been there for ages but was made famous recently by Rhonda Byrne, an Australian television writer and producer, through her book and film “The Secret” which was published in 2006. The book instantly became a best seller in the field of self help and spirituality. The book uses various examples to demonstrate how you can attract things into your life. The book is a good place to start learning about the law of attraction. Its inspiring and motivating storyline will capture your attention instantaneously. The movie “The Secret” also features famous spiritual and self help speakers such as Joe Vitale,Bob Proctor,Michael Beckwith,Jack Canfield,Mike Dooley and many more.

Earlier Teachers of The Law Of Attraction

Though the concept of law of attraction has reached the masses recently still if you do a little research you will find out that there had been many teachers in the past who have already proposed this concept. Neville Goddard, Joseph Murphy, James Allen, Napolean Hill,Norman Vincent Peale to name a few. These teachers have produced volumes of work which in some way shape or form describes what we know today as “The Law Of Attraction“.

Apart from above mentioned propagators of Law Of Attraction you will also come across teachers who do channelling of other entities. The most famous among them are Abraham,channelled by Ester Hicks, Bashar, channelled by Darryl Anka and Seth channelled by Jane Roberts. Though Law Of Attraction is an important aspect of their teachings , they also go on to speak about concepts such as soul,life after death, alien contacts,consciousness, God, parallel realities etc.

Fresher Course in The Law Of Attraction

Above are some of the most famous names when it comes to The Law Of Attraction. Lets take a starter course into The Law Of Attraction. If you have to summarize the law in just one line it would be something like this – “The outward reality is a reflection of your inside feelings and thoughts”. The outer world is a mirror and reflects back what’s going on inside of you.If you in a state of joy and happiness then the outer world will reflect that joy and happiness and you will encounter happy events. On the contrary a negative mindset attracts negative circumstances.

The factor which determines whether Law Of Attraction will work for you is what we call Emotions or Feelings.  Its not just enough to think positive thoughts. You have to mix those thoughts with feelings and emotions. This is the main mantra of channeller Ester Hicks who channels source energy Abraham.If you listen to her seminars and read her books , you will come to understand how important is the role of feelings for Law Of Attraction to work for you. Not only her but Napolean Hill, one of the greatest self help teacher who ever lived, gave too much emphasis on the feelings aspect. If you want to be rich then you must know how a rich person feels and you have to feel the same way. If you want to be healthy then you must start feeling healthy in your body.In short, you have to become in your thoughts and emotions the person you want to be.

“In your thoughts and feelings, be the person you want to be and you will be” 

Persistence is the key. You must learn how to persist in your thoughts the person you want to be. You might find it  hard initially to maintain that state but by practise it will become second nature and soon you will find it easy to maintain that state. “Everything is difficult before it becomes easy”.  

The second factor is “Action” .  You will find different opinions on this aspect. Many teachers teach that actions will come automatically from within once you start maintaining your preferable state while others say that you must start behaving the way you want to be. I am inclined a little bit more towards behaving the way you want to be. I believe in at least starting to take action with whatever means at your disposal.

Above are few basic points about the Law Of Attraction. If you are embarking your journey into the law of attraction I hope you will reap the benefits of it by attracting to yourself all the good things in your life.

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