Do you qualify being one or all of the three wise monkeys?

The Three Wise Monkeys

The Three Wise Monkeys

I was doing some reading on Mahatma Gandhi, the father of our nation, when I came across the phrase “The three wise monkeys”. This was something I was taught during my school days and is nothing new to me. Mahatma Gandhi followed and preached the three wise monkeys theory as a way of life. The three wise monkeys symbolizes that one should speak no evil,hear no evil and see no evil.

The Three Wise Monkeys and The Law of Attraction

Never before it struck me that the three wise monkeys concept is nothing but the law of attraction. The law of attraction teaches us that one should think only thoughts in alignment with what he wants to manifest in his life. One should think only positive thoughts. In order to think positive thoughts one should avoid speaking about things he doesn’t want to show up in his life which means speak no evil. The word evil in relation to the three wise monkeys should not be taken literally. The evil here symbolizes all the unwanted thoughts we have, thoughts which do not add any meaning to life.

Many of us are in the habit of complaining about life. We keep discussing aspects of our life which we do not like. For e.g. most of us are guilty of talking all the unwanted aspect of our jobs. We complain about our bosses, colleagues, salary etc not realizing that when we talk these unwanted stuff we are actually attracting more of it in our life.

The origin of the three wise monkeys story dates back to 17th century in Japan and a similar concept in Chinese around 2nd to 4th century BC. Even though it might not have been called anything related to the law of attraction back then but such phrases indicate that the ancient civilizations were well aware of the concepts of positive thinking and attitude and they had their own ways of expressing the positive way of living.

Be the first of the three wise monkeys and speak no evil

When you keep discussing and talking about aspects of your life which you do not like you keep attracting more of it into your life. This happens because when you discuss unwanted things and put emotional energy in it you start to emit out vibrations of frustration,resentment,anger or whatever it is that you are feeling.

The universe picks the negative vibes and starts to throw circumstances and events at you which make you even more angry and frustrated. It becomes a vicious cycle unless you break the chain by taking control of what you speak and ultimately how you feel.

So you need to become like the first of the three wise monkeys. Stop discussing things about your life which you do not like unless you are doing it with someone close in order to find a way to improve. Do not sit over a coffee with a friend and start bitching about your boss. Common sense should tell you that there is no good coming out of it. It is just making you bitter against you boss and you are wasting your precious energy which could otherwise be used for something more creative and productive.

the three wise monkeys


Be the second of the three wise monkeys and hear no evil

If you are guilty of discussing the unwanted aspect of your life then the person sitting in front of you is guilty of listening to what negative words you offer and in almost all cases you both are speaking and listening to all the wrongs which life is offering you both.  Listening to negative stuff is as bad as speaking about it. When you listen to people’s rants about life you allow them to shred their negativity upon you, unless you are really cautious.

Many times it happens that some one is feeling good and suddenly a friend/colleague/family member starts to talk what all is wrong with their life. How unfairly life is treating them. They start to discuss the hardships which future might hold for them. The person listening to all this , who few moments ago was feeling good about life, begins to wonder whether his life is really that good or is he just putting his head in the sand? Few minutes ago when there was no reason for him to feel bad, he now starts to become a little anxious and serious about his life.Within few minutes he went on to become a stupid monkey instead of one of the three wise monkeys.

I myself am guilty of once confusing one of room mate whether he should continue with his job or go for higher studies. He was in my company and was totally satisfied with his job. I on the other hand was completely dissatisfied with my job and wanted to escape from there. Higher studies seemed quite a viable option.

I got into discussion with my friend and talked about all the negative side of our jobs. Within few days I was able to convince my friend to start preparing for exams so that we can get admission in some good college. We even joined classes to prepare for the exams :P. Anyways we both soon dropped the idea as we realized that its better to continue looking for better job profile instead of higher studies.

Our decision might or might not have been correct but the point I am trying to make is sometimes people easily get influenced by what other people are saying.You have not walked the path of other person so it is bit idiotic to get influenced by other people.

So be one of the three wise monkeys and hear no evil. But sometimes it is not easy to stay away from some one who is talking negative. This is because that person might be your friend or family.It can be rude to avoid someone close or ask him to shut up just because he is talking negative.  People sometimes just want to be heard.  They want an outlet for their frustrations and struggles. They chose you to rant because they consider you someone whom they share their thoughts and feelings with.

What should you do when you are faced with a such situation. The answer is to be a good listener and at the same time not letting that negativity creep inside of you. You can always listen to some one else’s struggle and provide a solution or opinion without being affected by the negativity. As a matter of fact when you have the knowledge that listening to negative talks can affect your vibrations, you will automatically build a shield towards that negativity. Its like you know if you get wet in the rain you might get flu so you take an umbrella when you go outside.

Be the third of the three wise monkeys and see no evil

the three wise monkeys

Don’t Wanna See That!

Its not just enough to not speak or hear negativity. You should also become the wise monkey who avoids to witness anything negative. Negative vibrations leads to unwanted manifestations.  Our mind has a strange inclination towards negativity. Why do you think the newspapers and television reports are all filled with what is going on wrong in the world? It is because they know that human beings have a taste of wanting to see these things. This is how they keep their business running.

In my country one of the top trending television serial recreates various crimes and their investigations. This serial has one of the highest TRP here. I wonder what people get out of watching the crimes(recreated). I can’t even bear to watch 5 mins of that program. I could feel the negative vibes of all those crimes. People justify watching that by reasoning that it helps them realize in what all ways people are committing crimes now a days. It could help them to be more cautious. But in reality these programs cause negativity to creep in our minds and if we get too absorbed in it , it might end in some similar manifestation which are shown in those programs.

To be honest I do not watch news anymore nor do it read newspapers. And my life hasn’t change a bit. Nothing bad happened to me since I stopped. Yes, I sometimes miss trending news about the political arena but again I have my friend Twitter for that. I follow people I am interested in and that is enough for me. In fact I now realize that since I stopped watching I do not have to waste energy in stupid discussions which people have about scandals and crimes.Instead I can invest my time and energy in myself.I love to be one of the three wise monkeys who sees no evil.

Seeing negativity muddles your vibrations and if you do not stand guard you end up feeling miserable. When you feel bad you start to attract bad circumstances in your life. Moreover, indulging in watching negative stuff saps you of your precious time and energy. You end up discussing the same with your family and friends. The discussion is futile and in most cases doesn’t change the situation itself.  So why waste time on something which steals your energy and time and attracts unwanted events in your life. Be the wise monkey and close your eyes towards unwanted.

So do you consider yourself eligible to be the three wise monkeys or do you allow unwanted situations to be manifested in your life by seeing,hearing and listening to negatives?

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