Top Mistakes People Make While Applying The Law of Attraction

When you research about the Law of Attraction you will find the gurus and the books saying that manifestation is easy. You just need to follow some simple techniques and you can get what you want. If it is that easy then why is that so many people are frustrated and not able to manifest what they want. People do all sorts of stuff such as visualization, vision boards, acting as if, being grateful, scripting etc but still most of them fail.

The truth is that manifestation is in fact easy. It is easy in the sense that manifestation in itself is simple. You want to be a millionaire and if you follow the steps for law of attraction you will become millionaire. It is that simple. What is difficult is the discipline to apply the techniques. Most of the people who fail at applying law of attraction are not disciplined enough. If I ask them how many days did they visualize before you stopped doing it I am sure to get the answers such as 10 days, 1 month, 3 months or not even that.

Making the Law of Attraction to work for you requires discipline and persistence. There has been so much misconception about this in recent times. Most of the people who watched “The Secret” totally misunderstood the teaching. Most of the people thought that they just have to sit home and visualize what they want and they will get it. I am not saying that is incorrect ,in fact that is one of the best methods for manifestation but for how many days they visualized before they started to doubt it.

I have seen people doing visualizations for just of couple of days and then they start doubting it. They start asking questions whether this truly works. Why is it that they are not seeing results? They have created vision boards, they visualize every night before going to bed, they act if they are a millionaire but still they don’t see cheques appearing in their mail box.

If you are one among the people described above then the first question to ask yourself is whether you really believe that Law Of Attraction works. If you are not sure and doubt it then your efforts will be halfhearted. You will give up at first taste of disappointment. You will get discouraged very easily and before long you will give up. The result will be you won’t see any major manifestation and go back to you old habits and way of life. This happens to 90% of people who try to apply the law of attraction.

When I first learnt about this law I totally misunderstood it. I thought that I no longer have to work hard to become successful. Before we go further lets discuss about the term “hard work”. The common meaning of this phrase would be making effort to achieve a desired goal. This effort could be physical or mental. In order to get a promotion you work hard. You work late hours, early mornings or on weekends to get appreciation, promotions and awards. In order to get a wonderful body you work hard at gym. In order to become an artist you practice hard.

What I realized is that when you start applying the law of attraction you don’t necessarily stop working hard as described above. You still continue to work hard to achieve your goals but law of attraction has a new element when it comes to hard work. You work hard to keep your vibrations up. You work hard to feel good. You work hard to stay positive. You work hard to stay motivated. You believe that law of attraction works and apply the teachings. You do not give up on third day and complain that this doesn’t work.

The people who become successful in their chosen fields are doing hard work. What separates them from the ones who are not is the will to go on. They are motivated and believe in their efforts. They don’t give up when they meet failures. They know they will make till the end. If you meet such people you will realize that they are applying law of attraction even if they are not really aware of it. In fact most of the billionaires might not even have heard of Law of Attraction. These people have in built quality of keeping their vibrations up. They know they will achieve their goals and so they never really let their vibrations go down when they meet failure. They may be disappointed for few days but again they get up and start making efforts. They again regain their positive state of mind. They again start feeling good.

Second key factor is understanding the way this universe works. Your physical mind may not have the capacity to understand how a manifestation will occur.  The reason most people get disappointed and give up is because they think manifestation should occur in a certain predefined series of steps. Most people think that if they have to move from point A to point B then there is only one path between the two and if for some reason they are not seeing result following that path they must give up. The truth is there are infinite number of paths to achieve a desired goal. But if you just rely on hard work, and by hard work I mean plain physical labor and no effort to work on aspects such as vibrations and feelings, most of the times you end up doing dreaded work which you dislike.

On the other hand if you keep yourself in a good feeling state, keep your vibrations up, keep visualizing and also keep taking actions towards your goal you will start seeing numerous opportunities to achieve your goal. You should first get into a state where you believe that things are possible. This is where various law of attraction techniques come into picture. Techniques such as visualizations, vision boards, scripting, behaving as if etc are meant to tune you into the frequency of your wishes fulfilled. Once you are tuned in you are giving Universe a chance to provide you with opportunities and paths towards your goals. Your current set of actions may not necessarily get you what you want but once you are tuned in your current actions will lead to you people, places, situations and more inspired set of actions which will help you achieve your goals much faster.

The key point to note is that applying law of attraction doesn’t really mean you will stop working hard. You would still work hard but you would enjoy the hard work. What I have learnt from my past experiences is positive thoughts plus high vibrations plus inspired action can get you anything in life and by anything I literally mean anything.

Hopefully, you will avoid the mistakes described above!

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